Swansea rfc

Swansea RFC makes donation to Sporting Memories as part of 150th year celebrations

As Swansea RFC, one of Wales' most storied rugby clubs, celebrated its remarkable 150th anniversary last year, they have decided to share their success by making a substantial donation to Ospreys in the Community of over £3000.

The donation was raised from a number of celebration events that Swansea RFC held to celebrate their anniversary. This partnership is a testament to the vital role that sports organisations play in supporting and uplifting local communities. Both Swansea RFC and Ospreys in the Community share the belief that the true value of rugby lies not only in on-field achievements, but also in the ability to make a positive impact off the field.

Swansea RFC’s generous donation will go towards OitC’s Sporting Memories project which provides support for elderly people experiencing loneliness and dementia. OitC hosts weekly sessions at Swansea RFC which are well attended by the local community.

As Swansea RFC celebrates its 150th anniversary, their generosity exemplifies their commitment to community welfare and encourages the spirit of giving back. Through this donation, Sporting Memories can continue to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Tom Sloane, Community Foundation Manager for OitC and a player for Swansea RFC, said: “We were really grateful to receive this donation from Swansea RFC’s 150th Anniversary and help support their celebratory year.  Swansea RFC also welcomed in local schools into the club house to see some of their amazing memorabilia.

“We have a close relationship with Swansea RFC where they play host to a weekly sporting memories session, numerous festivals, events and also the Swansea veterans Hub. I’ve been lucky enough to personally play for the club and be part of their special 150th year, and the people behind the scenes are extremely passionate about supporting local!”