From Community to Club: The URC Origin Round

Club rugby is where it all begins. Those muddy, rainy weekends on the side-lines may not feel like a lot at the time, but for many they're the start of a lifelong affinity for the sport we love and call rugby.

Of course, for the lucky few, it is the start of a career where the sky's the limit. We're proud of the local heritage of so many of our squad, and we're exceptionally proud to have already re-signed so many of the boys ahead of next season.

This weekend, across the United Rugby Championship, the clubs that play in the league will join together to celebrate the origins of our players, the roots of our collective success.

Each club has their own way of celebrating, and we can't wait for you to see what we have in store.

For this round only, not only will the boys be playing in their club socks, but they will also don a unique and individual jersey, with each player proudly wearing their origin club badge on their shirt.

We're nothing without our players, without our pathways and today is about celebrating that: the parents on the side-lines, the coaches in the drizzle, the kit washers in the laundrettes and the chefs cooking up those all important club house chips. This round is for you, so thank you and please, keep up your excellent work.

Tickets are available for the Origin Round vs Ulster below.

#BackInBlack | #TogetherAsOne