Is your child getting enough exercise?

Physical inactivity proved risky for children. Why not book an Ospreys Rugby Camp and keep you child busy this Summer?

Parenting can be tough when you are trying to get your child off the sofa and out of the house, but exercise is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. We should be trying to minimise the time children spend sitting down watching TV, playing video games, sitting in a pushchair and eating unhealthy foods. Children should be doing exercise that is fun! If the activity they are taking part in is fun and enjoyable they are more likely to take part again.

The Department of Health recommends children aged 5-18 should take part in moderate to vigorous activity for at least one hour per day every day of the week. This includes some moderate intensity like bike riding or playground activities, getting the heart rate up but still being able to be have a conversation. On top of this children need some activity of a more vigorous intensity, for example fast running, swimming, playing football or indeed rugby.

While some may not realise that in sticking to this notion, countless case studies show it will improve fitness levels, bone health, maintaining a healthy weight, as well as having a positive impact on everything going on inside their brain i.e. self-esteem, social skills and enhancement of everyday life.

Limiting sedentary time and behaviour is recommended. Guidelines suggests no longer than 2 hours a day using electronic media (television, seated electronic games and computer use), lower levels are associated with reduced health risks and all the above.

The Child Health and Activity Tool (CHAT) from Happen Wales, Swansea, found reports from 2016 -2019 Physical Activity and Sedentary section says less than 50% use an active method to travel to and from school.

The Diet section showed only 28% of children had 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day (previous day). This can result in several health problems including heart disease, cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

On the flipside in the Sleep, Concentration and Competency section, children reported a 20% increase in ability to concentrate in class everyday of the week and only 13% felt tired everyday of the week. (The full study can be found at

How can Ospreys help you?

AGE 6- 12

Our exciting Rugby Camps offer children aged 6-12 an opportunity for children of all abilities to come the Official Ospreys training ground in Llandarcy, keeping children on their feet in a hands on environment, learning about nutrition and being taught by qualified Ospreys coaches. Read the full itinerary here.

AGE 13-17

Our senior experience allows 13-17 year olds to learn about what it takes to become a professional rugby player. We will get you moving as well as understanding nutrition and specific tactical and technical training.

So if you haven’t done already, why not sign your child up to our Rugby Camp this Summer, they can burn off some steam, learn lots and have lots of fun at the same time? Perfect to stimulate the brain during the Summer.