Where Ospreys Lead, The Us Follows

The Ospreys have again proved they are ahead of the sporting pack not just in the UK but worldwide. This week, the British Cheerleading Association has taken the lead from the American Cheerleading Association by introducing an international midriff ban,

which will see girls aged 11-21 stopped from exposing their midriffs.

But the Ospreys cheerleaders, the Birds of Prey say they have always offered their squad the option to cover up. AnnaLisa Bartley Head Cheerleader commented, "As all of the squad are over eighteen, we are entitled to choose what we wear. If the squad want to cover up, they have the option, but if they fancy showing a bare midriff, that's their choice. Our outfits are designed in full consultation with the squad. We all think that the ban will be good for the sport and will help girls to have a more positive body image."

Derwyn Jones, Ospreys regional rugby manager commented, "It's great to see the Birds of Prey being so forward looking in their approach.

They give us great support at every home match and do a great job."