What if it’s a draw?

Here’s all you need to know about what happens if today’s Champions Cup play-off against Ulster ends all square after 80 minutes.

In the event of a tie at full time then extra-time will be played, consisting of two periods, each of 10 minutes. If the score is still tied after extra-time, the Team that has scored the most tries in the match will be deemed the winner.

If the Teams are still tied on points and tries at the end of extra-time then the winner will be determined by a Place Kick Competition. In the event that a Place Kick Competition is required, each Team will nominate three goal kickers who will take six place kicks between them from different positions along the 22 metre and 10 metre lines.

The Team with the most place kicks scored will be the winner. If the Teams are tied at the end of their six kicks, then sudden death will apply. Only players in the playing area at the final whistle of extra-time may be nominated for the Place Kick Competition.

No substituted players or players who have been shown a red card may take part at any time including any player who has received a yellow card and who remains in the sin bin at the time of the final whistle of extra-time.

The above sets out a summary of certain provisions of the Guinness PRO14 Rules for information purposes only. As such these provisions may not be relied upon and for a full and proper understanding of the provisions and rules of the Guinness PRO14, reference must be made to the Guinness PRO14 Rules in their existing and entire form.