"We just weren't clinical enough"

Sean Holley laments the missed chances that proved costly as the Ospreys exit the Heineken Cup.

Speaking to the press post match he said:

"It's pretty devastating. We felt that we had the approach and the game plan to win today, and for large parts of the game that was true. We played all the rugby, we were better the team for long periods but it wasn't enough.

"We just weren't clinical enough in that first period, and then at set-piece time in the second half we weren't able to nail any possession or territory. The sobering thought for us is that we could, and should, be in the semi-final and we're not.

"We did really well at the end to get the ball back, to get ourselves into a great field  for a drop goal or a penalty. We had a plan there and these games go down to the wire. A tough call has to be made at the end and I'm not sure it's gone our way. I was expecting a penalty. I've just looked at it again and to me it looks like a penalty offence.

"But we had a lot of opportunities, particularly in the first half, to nail the game. There were some great line breaks, some great endeavour from our boys but we just lacked that clinical edge. It was reminiscent of Perpignan away last year and Clermont away this year. It's extremely frustrating. They don't need anyone to tell them, we've just got to start nailing them. You've got to take your chances.

"We've got to start believing, we've got to start to realise the potential here, and that we are a bloody good team, even if at times we have to contend with a difficult structure to the season. Maybe that lack of belief manifests itself in us not taking our chances? But, we created three good ones and we did enough in the end to warrant a close win. It wasn't to be.

"We are getting ourselves consistently into good positions now, in terms of the season and in games themselves. We've just got to start crossing the line. I think that the longer we go on now as an entity, the longer these players stay together, the better we'll get, I'm sure.  Right now at this moment though, it's pretty painful.

"It's about kicking on from here now. I said before the game that we need to make that step, we need to make that semi-final or final in this competition. It's important to us, we are hugely ambitious but clearly, it's going to have to wait another season.

"What we'll take out of it is that we've come to France and really competed, perhaps should have won. We've come out of the toughest pool in the competition arguably, but we now have to pick ourselves up and bounce back. We've got the Magners League to go for now. It won't be at the forefront of our minds tonight but it certainly will tomorrow, we've got to be professional about it and roll up our sleeves for two difficult games this week in Ireland. We've got ourselves in a position where we can qualify for the play-offs and that's what we aim to do now."