Kerin Lake

Wales Women retainer contracts announced

Nine Wales Women players have been handed retainer contracts and joined the WRU’s performance programme.

Included in those contracts are Ospreys Women forward Gwen Crabb, and backs Kerin Lake and Niamh Terry. They will train alongside the 12 full-time players between one and three days a week. Up to six more players on Retainer Contracts are set to be added in the coming weeks.

Wales Women head coach Ioan Cunningham said, “These players are a vital addition to our performance programme. Some of them were very close to being offered full-time contracts, and all made a huge contribution to our autumn campaign, both on the pitch and in the training environment so are all deserving of this chance.

“Ultimately, the retainer contracts provide an opportunity to have more contact time with more players which will be a huge positive. It gives the players the ability to learn more about the game, to complete more training sessions, improve their strength and fitness along with other areas that will contribute towards the team’s performance.

“We feel we have the right model in the interests of our programme while enabling players on retainer contracts to meet their work commitments. It’s an opportunity for players to develop individually while challenging each other.

“We are pleased with the relationships we are building with the Allianz Premier 15s clubs, we are managing their training and playing plans with player welfare front of mind for all of us.”
Cunningham says there are still opportunities for players to push for Retainer Contracts.

“There are two training camps in the next few weeks, so the opportunity is certainly there for other players to impress and earn a Retainer Contract. There are players we want to see in our environment and these camps will enable us to do that.”

Wales Women Retainer Contracts:
Gwen Crabb, Georgia Evans, Kat Evans, Cerys Hale, Abbie Fleming, Kerin Lake, Bethan Lewis, Caitlin Lewis, Niamh Terry.