Wales v New Zealand - Member & Season Ticket

In line with our usual member draw for season ticket holders & members, we have listed below all those selected to win a pair of tickets for the Welsh Autumn International fixture against New Zealand.

Account      Name
10008832   Mr Andrew Jones
10009529   Mr Derek Williams
10031964   Mr Raymond Stephens
10039025   Mrs Jennifer Lallis
10004864   Mr Ceri Davies
10025642   Miss Sophie Taylor
10039905   Mrs Angela Batchelor
10039958   Mrs Alison Thomas
10029645   Keith Jones
10069422   Jack in the Box
10005916   Mr Ronald Morgan
10031588   Mr Pat Jones
10023024   Shaun Raymond
10031356   Edmunds Webster
10031541   Mr R Bevan
10039242   Mr Craig Lee
10033365   Kerswell Tooling Services Ltd
10031577   P & S Heatin & Bathroom Centre
10053061   Mr Graham Bamford
10044655   Mr Huw Griffiths
10031737   Sapphire Windows
10069453   Rhodri Dukes
10031542   Self Invested Portfolios
10004266   Mr William Tew
10071054   Mrs Jessie Griffiths
10025578   Mr Mark Pritchard
10003735   Mr Christopher Kervin
10022285   Mr Christopher Redmond
10067733   Mr Hugh Jones
10041814   Mrs Margaret Masson
10031534   Seetall Furniture
10054902   Mrs Kim Clark
10053187   Mr Trevor Jones
10040282   Mr John Williams
10040056   Mr Edward Duffy
10031482   Genset
10013024   Mr Leslie Wayne Rees
10040907   Castle Hotel Services
10034393   Mr Dean Watkins
10031527   Jistcourt South Wales
10066543   Mr Stephen Jones
10003349   Mr Campbell T Coram
10040580   Mr Mark Webb
10004540   Mr Lloyd Jefferies
10003401   Mr Kelvin Davies
10069482   Mr Neil Watkin
10053416   Mr Kristian Besley
10031467   Mr Mark Radcliffe
10059283   Mrs Jill Maxted
10003579   Mr Alun Jones 

All the above have been sent letters confirming the good news, but due to postal strikes, we thought it prudent to publish the winners promptly to ensure they had maximum time to plan ahead.

If you are indeed a winner listed above (please be sure that both your name & season ticket number match), you're welcome to contact our office to arrange payment & collection (tickets will be available for collection from our ticket office as from Monday 2nd November once payment has been received & processed). 

Tickets can be sent to you at an additional charge of £6 (to cover Royal Mail Special Delivery).

If you ARE a winner and you'd like to pay for your tickets, please call the office on 01792 616500.