Twinned with ...

The Osprey’ twinned with…

If you’re an Ospreys supporter, or anyone from Wales, you’ll be familiar with ‘Twinning’. This was a craze during the 70’s and 80s where various towns and villages in Wales were ‘Twinned’ with a village in Europe that nobody had ever heard of, let alone been too. Well, at the Ospreys we’re bringing that concept back to life, but in a far more relevant way. In an effort to familiarize our supporters with some of the new South African teams, we’re going to be twinning some of our players, with theirs.

Up first, it’s the Stormers.


George North twinned with Leolin Zas

North is a touch bigger. Zas is a touch quicker. But both are devastating finishers and key to their respective teams. Sometimes you can tell how good a player is by chatting with supporters or scouring their stats. With these two, you can judge their ability by the length of their highlight reels on YouTube.


Keelan Giles twinned with Angelo Davids

Both ridiculously rapid wings and would easily set off the speed cameras on Fabian Way. Plus, they hit well above their weight in defence.

Keelan Giles


Dewi Lake twinned with Andre-Hugo Venter

Two scrummaging hookers who present the same carrying threat as a traditional blindside flanker. To see that they can scrummage you need only look at their necks, both bear more resemblance to the constrictor family of snakes, than a typical human neck. Rising stars in their position at club level, big test careers potentially lay ahead.


Dan Lydiate twinned with Salmaan Moerat 

One is a lock and the other a blindside flanker, but they have one thing in common – they both do the stuff that few others want to. Lydiate has put more people on the ground than a retired air traffic controller and Moerat has put in more hits than a mob boss.


Joe Hawkins twinned with Suleiman Hartzenberg

The pair are just turning pro, but already turning heads. Hawkins may be more of a 12, and Hartzenberg a 13, but both have the potential to turn a game even at this early stage in their career. The sort of players that the commercial staff love, as these players will be shifting season tickets for many seasons to come.


Justin Tipuric twinned with no-one

There’s no-one quite like Tipuric.