Turnovers and inaccuracy frustrates Tandy

Head Coach Steve Tandy was disappointed and frustrated after watching Glasgow secure a deserved victory at the Liberty Stadium.


Speaking to the press shortly after the final whistle, Tandy’s disappointment was clear to see, as he was asked his opinion on the Ospreys performance.

“We weren’t clinical when we had the ball and we’d spoken about that all week” he said

“Last week in Ulster we conceded 19 turnovers and we’ll be up around there again. We didn’t build our game and Glasgow got what they deserved today, I think, a win. It’s really frustrating and I’m disappointed with those turnovers.

“It’s a young team but they’ll learn a lot from it. It was a real off night. We’ve got a young group out there and even tonight we saw some real good moments from individuals, but there were disappointing things as well.

“There was a lot of positive intent but we were inaccurate and inefficient at times, coughing the ball up. Those are the lessons that we’re going to have to go through with some of this young talent. We made a lot of linebreaks but we didn’t finish things off.

“There were too many turnovers out there, we couldn’t really get any territory or field position because of the way we were coughed the ball up. The penalty count was heavily in favour of them as well so we were always fighting a losing battle.

“We didn’t throw the towel in though and came back to get a losing bonus point which is important and could be vital at the end of the season. That’s a crumb of comfort.

“It’s really disappointing, especially on the back of a half decent performance against Aironi, getting the win, and what was a really good performance in some aspects out in Ulster. I felt tonight we didn’t really impose ourselves in the game. When we did try we just turned the ball over. 

“We never like to lose any game. It’s frustrating. Is it a disappointing night for us? Yes it is. We’ve got a young team and there are positives in what they are doing out there, this group of players won us six out of six at the start of the season, beat Munster, and have performed well in recent weeks, but being young, sometimes they’ll dip off.

“There’s still five games left, two home which we’ll need to win, while probably picking up one away win. This result obviously puts a little more pressure on us to get those results.”