"There was some good, there was some bad and

Scott Johnson was pulling no punches in his post-match review after watching the Ospreys go down to a ten point defeat at the hands of Gloucester at the Liberty Stadium.

Speaking to the media after the game, the Director of Coaching was typically forthright with his views about the performance of his team in the final pre-season fixture before the Magners League campaign kicks off in under two weeks at Ravenhill.

"There was some good, there was some bad and there was some ugly" he said.

"We had a bit of it all out there really didn’t we? I’m happy with some aspects of the game, and some personnel, but I’m very, very disappointed with our completion of the things we normally do well. We were well off the boil when it came to the ball in hand, and that rolled into our defensive work. So, the things that we pride ourselves on, we were poor at today.

"Our completion rate was poor, it was just silly. I say that on average you probably get seven chances in a game to score a try. I think we probably had about 17 today didn’t we? Then, when you look at their tries, I’m not saying they weren’t well executed, but there were a couple that were just one-on-one missed tackles from kids that you don’t expect to miss the tackle. Some of the stuff we did I just thought jeez, where are we here?

"In a way, that’s to be expected at this stage of the pre-season. It’s a nice wake up call for a few people, to really ram home where we actually are at the moment.

"Individually, there were a couple of kids that went up a notch or two today which was good. I think there’s a pretty special seven on his way through, when Tipuric came on you could see that he’s a very likely lad, there’s no doubt about it. I thought Richard Fussell did well too, he’s a quality player. He did very good things and I’m happy with him. I also think there’s a good player for the future in Morgan Allen. Although he’s still a kid, and like a lot of the younger ones he’s under a heavy load physically at the moment, to double up and play his second game in the week, it’s another rung for him.

"We are reintegrating players slowly, we saw a few more of the internationals introduced at different stages today and there are a few more to come back yet, so you have to expect it to be a bit disjointed, but that doesn’t excuse the poor execution we saw at times.

"We are where we are at the moment, but we’ve got to be honest too and some of those things won’t be tolerated, they won’t be accepted. It’ll be a nice little week of review, let’s say that."