A thank you to Philtronics Ltd

As the Ospreys partnership with Philtronics comes to an end, we look back on a nine-year relationship with a wonderful, treasured partner, that has been filled with some great memories.

Philtronics first came on board with the Ospreys as a hospitality partner and sponsor in 2014 before becoming a premium partner and kit partner in 2018. The relationship eventually saw Philtronics become the Ospreys’ principal and title partner, adorning the front of jersey sponsor from 2021.

Philtronics have played a key role from a commercial standpoint but have played a transformational part within our community. Being able to work alongside a like-minded organization has meant the process of achieving our goals has been streamlined throughout the partnership.

As a company, they have also played a key role in the life-changing Health and Wellbeing work that Ospreys in the Community have carried out in our surrounding communities.

Most recently, Philtronics joined forces with Action for Children and OitC for their On Target programme, which aims to give young people the tools to look after their emotional wellbeing. Their very personal involvement in making a change locally has been refreshing throughout and a very powerful force within our club.

The work the trio carry out is not just limited to the On Target. Action for Children, Philtronics and OitC’s overall partnership was recently rewarded with the Best Collaboration Initiative award at the inaugural WSA Sports Industry Awards ceremony.

Philtronics have been working with Action for Children for 5 years, with OitC being involved since 2019, raising crucial funds via sleep outs, raffles, walking challenges, gaming tournaments and bake sales, while getting as many of their staff members involved as possible. Without Philtronics’ involvement, the achievements of our community programme, and staffing impacts simply would not have been achieved.

From mentoring staff to offering solutions to move the organisation forward, we could not have asked for a more supportive and personally involved partner.

Our mutual goal was always to promote homegrown talent and innovation, and together we have achieved that over many years. A special thank you to everyone at Philtronics. Here's to every stride we made and for the great work we’ve carried out in our communities.

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