TACKLE: The teachers' perspective

Ospreys in the Community’s hugely successful TACKLE programme is approaching its first year with its latest National Lottery Funding, so we talked to a couple of the teachers to hear how it benefits students in their schools.


Judith Davies from CCYD said: The tackle project has been in our school for around eight years now. In that time we’ve developed a group that we feel is going to access and benefit from TACKLE. The group gives information and business ideas that we don’t necessarily supply.

TACKLE also helps students to develop their confidence and contributes towards them realising their potential. Holistically, the pupils become better developed and their learning approach from TACKLE flows into the classroom.

The aim is to get the best out of the students in the environment that they are in so that they can progress.

We had two boys go onto to apply for Hartpury College and we’ve also developed seven WRU Level 1 rugby referees through the course.

Linda Daniel from Maesyrdderwen said: For us it was a benefit to get our children involved as they have struggled with physical education and group work mainly.

Although they are in main stream school and attend the main stream lessons, this was more about developing their individual skills as well.

Communication is a big issue for our STF pupils and they’ve come on amazingly, especially in group work.

A perfect example for us is one of our pupils in Year 11, he wouldn’t take part in any group work, games or P.E prior to TACKLE. Since joining TACKLE, he is taking part in mainstream P.E lessons and can now work in a group. He’s also more open to communicating with us if anything is going on and happy to take on a leadership role if the opportunity arises.


Linda Daniel
For the wellbeing of our children, TACKLE has been amazing.