Swansea University Athletics Union Teams Up

Ospreys bosses have revealed details of an exciting new partnership with Swansea University students ahead of the forthcoming season.

The region has formed a strategic alliance with the University's Athletics Union (AU), which hopes to see a substantial rise in the number of students supporting the Ospreys next season.

Under the terms of the new agreement, the AU will take up a substantial allocation of tickets for each home match throughout the season that corresponds with the academic year, with scope to increase the number should the partnership prove to be a success.

In addition to tickets, AU members will also receive bus travel to and from the stadium, while the Ospreys will provide player and advertising support to help them promote the deal on campus.

Richard Lancaster, General Manager, Swansea University Athletics Union, said:

"This is an important partnership that stands to benefit both parties enormously. It's great that the Ospreys have been pro-active and approached us to form this alliance, which will encourage students to support their local rugby team and become a part of the wider community of South West Wales. It's fantastic for Swansea University as a body to have such a strong association with such a high profile and successful sporting organisation."

"We have a very strong sporting scene at Swansea University, with rugby proving particularly popular among our students. I'm sure that the many national and international students that we have amongst our members will be keen to take advantage of this initiative and will follow the Ospreys at Liberty Stadium."

Ospreys Managing Director, Roger Blyth, added:

"We are delighted to be able to agree what is an innovative new partnership with Swansea University Athletics Union. Our two organisations already enjoy a very productive relationship, with the Ospreys rugby department working very closely with the Sports Science team at Swansea University. The University plays a major role in the city with around 14,000 students, offering a substantial, mainly untapped source of potential support, so this new agreement will allow us to make real inroads."

"The AU has agreed to take a regular number of tickets for our home matches, and in return, we have agreed to provide bus travel to and from games, and are looking into a number of other ways in which we can help to make a visit to the Liberty Stadium an attractive, affordable option for a night out for these students. Our data tells us that the students are already wonderful supporters of the Ospreys, through the purchase of replica shirts and other merchandise; it seems that your tenure at Swansea University isn't complete unless you own an Ospreys shirt. What we want to do now is encourage them to make that next step and become regular Ospreys supporters, attending matches at the Liberty Stadium regularly and enjoying the excitement of top flight rugby live."