Statement re Liberty Stadium

Ospreys Rugby have issued the following statement relating to today’s announcement on the future of the Liberty Stadium.

Roger Blyth, Chairman, Ospreys Rugby, said:

“It is very positive news for all concerned that we have been able to reach agreement on Heads of Terms regarding the future operations of the Liberty Stadium.

“As an equal partner in the Stadium Management Company, Ospreys Rugby enjoys a very strong working relationship with our colleagues, Swansea City FC and the City and County of Swansea, and we expect that to continue to be the case going forward.

“This agreement safeguards the term of the existing deal and also introduces new arrangements that are more beneficial to us. It gives us full control over our own destiny, releasing us from any future stadium liabilities. This provides clarity and certainty on both future income and expenditure, enabling us to plan for the medium and long term with security.

“We look forward to continuing to play at the Liberty Stadium for many years to come and will be working very hard on finalising the long form agreement by the end of December.”