Statement from Ospreys Rugby

The following statement has been issued by Ospreys Rugby

In common with the other regional sides in Wales, Ospreys Rugby has faced a significant number of challenges in the last few years including financial difficulties, some of which has been well documented.

Following the successful conclusion of a number of initiatives which Directors and Shareholders have been involved in, Ospreys Rugby can now look forward confidently to a more stable future.

Recognising this, and given the other commitments of some of the principal people involved in managing the organisation, Ospreys Rugby has taken the opportunity to reorganise its management structure.

Mike Cuddy will step down from day to day management of the rugby operation and will also relinquish his position as a joint Managing Director with immediate effect. Roger Blyth and Andrew Hore will between them assume the duties previously undertaken by Mike Cuddy.

Ospreys Rugby wish to thank Mike Cuddy for the efforts he has put in over the years since the region’s formation. He remains a Director and Shareholder.

The changes announced today will lay the foundations for a more stable and prosperous future and allows the region to move forward with a high degree of confidence.