Statement Concerning Gavin Henson

Please find below an official statement regarding the recent incident involving Gavin Henson.

The Ospreys can confirm that Gavin Henson has received a summons relating to a section 5 public order offence.

The club has spent a great deal of time over the past week speaking with Gavin and related parties surrounding the events that occurred on Sunday December 2nd. It is our judgement that Gavin's personal conduct itself was not such as to warrant direct disciplinary action by the Ospreys.

Gavin's error appears to have been in remaining with a group of friends whose conduct appears to have gradually disintegrated during his train journey home and not removing himself from that environment as soon as the behaviour of his travelling companions deteriorated. We will be looking at the lessons that can be learned from this.

Nevertheless, once again, both Gavin and the Ospreys would like to offer their apologies to passengers who were disturbed as a result of a group of travelling friends of which Gavin was in attendance.

Gavin vehemently denies the charge and the Ospreys are fully in support of him in this matter. This will be the last statement from the Ospreys and Gavin until legal matters have concluded as a result of sub judice rules which we must comply with.