Save 25% with new ‘Flexi Ticket’

The Ospreys have today revealed details of an exciting new package aimed at making watching live rugby at the Liberty Stadium more affordable for casual supporters.

The brand new Flexi Ticket offers supporters the opportunity to ‘have it your way’, and pick selected matches of their choice from the regular season fixture list that they wish to attend, benefiting from a special rate that allows them to enjoy four matches for the price of three - a saving of up to 25% against regular matchday prices.


Open to all supporters, the Flexi Ticket offers a mid-price way for fans to show their support for the region if they feel that other commitments mean a normal season membership doesn’t offer them full value.


The procedure for purchasing a Flexi Ticket is exactly the same as buying any normal matchday ticket, and they are available from today at the Liberty Stadium Ticket Office, via the Ticket Hotline on 0844 815 6665, and online at


You don’t need to choose your matches now, as you will be issued four vouchers at the time of purchase which can then be exchanged for the match tickets of your choice, right up until two hours before kick-off.


Suki Hayer, Ospreys Ticket Sales Manager, said:


“Since taking up my post with the Ospreys over the summer months I’ve spent a lot of time listening to feedback from supporters about why they follow the Ospreys, why they make the choices they do about being a season member or not, and what initiatives they believe would help us to grow attendances at the Liberty Stadium.


“Based on that feedback we are putting together a series of packages which will be rolled out over the coming days and weeks, the Flexi Ticket being the first of those. One of the key things from the feedback is that it’s not always the opposition, or a particular competition, which is the driver for whether or not someone can get to an Ospreys game. More often than not, the deciding factor is the day of the game and where it fits in with a person’s schedule.


“By introducing a personalised ticket package that allows you, the supporter, to select what games you can attend, at a reduced price, it opens up becoming a regular attendee at the Liberty Stadium to those people who wouldn’t benefit from a full season membership but do get to games three or four times a season. Buying a Flexi Ticket means you get four games for the price of three in standard seating. Effectively, that’s one free match, or a saving of up to 25% on regular matchday prices.


“This is a really exciting offering, one that has already generated positive feedback, and that should make an impact on the number of people at our matches. Supporters should also keep their eyes peeled for some other great initiatives in the coming weeks.”


Flexi Ticket Prices:


Flexi 4 pack standard adult

£59.00 (Regular price - £80)

Flexi 4 pack standard concession

£39.00 (Regular price - £60)

Flexi 4 pack standard child

£15.00 (Regular price - £20)



Flexi 4 pack premium adult

£89.00 (Regular price - £100)

Flexi 4 pack premium concession

£59.00 (Regular price - £80)

Flexi 4 pack premium child

£29.00 (Regular price - £60)


Standard booking and credit card fees apply


Flexi Ticket F&Qs


Where and how do I purchase my FlexiTicket?


They can be purchased at the ticket office or online (Please click here for online purchases).


How do I redeem my Flexi Ticket vouchers?


For each game they wish to attend they will need to bring the voucher in and exchange it for a match ticket up to 2 hours prior to kick off.


When do the Flexi Tickets expire?


The Flexi Ticket package expires at the end of the regular 2014/15 season (offer valid only for regular season scheduled fixtures and excludes any potential ERCC and Guinness PRO12 matches. This doesn’t include any Semi-Final or Final matches


Which games can I pick from?


All regular season 2014/15 home games taking place at the Liberty Stadium are available(offer valid only for regular season scheduled fixtures and excludes any potential ERCC and Guinness PRO12 matches).


When would I receive my Flexi Ticket vouchers?


You will receive them instantly if purchased at the ticket office. If you purchase them on the telephone or online you will receive them within 5 working days.


Can I use the Flexi Ticket vouchers for one game?


You can only redeem one voucher per game with the Flexi Ticket.


How many Flexi Ticket packages can I purchase?




Can I have the same seat for each game?


Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the seat will be available for each game. However, if you give yourself enough time ahead of matches when redeeming the vouchers for your tickets the Ticket Office will make every effort to accommodate your request.


When can I redeem the Flexi Ticket vouchers?


You can redeem them any time once the date has been confirmed for the fixture you wish to attend.


Can I purchase extra tickets?


Yes but they will be at the Standard/Premium rate. You can purchase tickets via the ticket office, telephone or online.


What happens if I lose Flexi Ticket vouchers?


Please contact the ticket office and they can reprint the lost unused vouchers.