Ryan Jones To Captain The Ospreys

The Ospreys today announced that Ryan Jones will take over the Captains duties from Duncan Jones.

The Ospreys today announced that Ryan Jones will take over the Captain's duties from Duncan Jones.

Commenting on the appointment, Head Coach, Lyn Jones:

"€œIt is never an easy decision to change a Captain, but this change in no way reflects on the job Duncan did last year. Duncan"€™s influence was at the heart of everything good in the rugby played both in the Ospreys team, and when he represented Wales; but the dynamics of our side changed significantly over the course of last season and the eight, nine, ten spine is now packed with strong characters. This is a positional-tactical change, and in no way reflects on Duncan. It is about achieving our full potential through driving the last five percent of maturity, discipline and leadership at the centre of the pack. This has been a tough decision, but it is the right one for the team."€

New Captain, Ryan Jones added:

"€œThis is a huge honour and it will be a privilege to lead such a successful side into the next stage of our development. Duncan did a great job last year and will be a tough act to follow, but I will give it my best shot, and hopefully it is a role that I will grow into over time. Leadership is not only about a Captain's role, it is about having the input and experience from senior players and unit leaders and this ultimately makes the decision-making process much easier for the Captain both on and off the field. I am excited both by the challenge and the opportunity. We have a challenging European group, we will be defending the Magners League and looking to go a step further in the EDF Energy Cup, but we set our sights high and we will be looking for success on all fronts."€

Outgoing Captain Duncan Jones further commented:

"€œI have enjoyed my time as Ospreys Captain, and we grew as a team in what proved to be a successful season. The boys made my job very easy, and our success was down to everyone"€™s hard work, not just one person. There are always five or six leaders in any strong team, and the role of Captain at the Ospreys will change slightly next season. Lyn feels that although previous Captains had led from the front row, it was time for a change in the playing position of the Captain. Rugby is not an individual sport and I am happy to go with what Lyn thinks is best for the team. Nothing will change my commitment to the region and I will continue to give my full support to both the team and to Ryan in his new role as Captain."€