Rob Davies comment...

New Ospreys Chairman derides "Stitch-up of convenience"

Incoming Ospreys chairman Rob Davies said today he would be pressing WRU and PRB officials for a clear timetable and actions surrounding Project Reset as well as reminding them of their duty to comprehensively address options for the future of regional rugby.  

Rob Davies said:

“There are three stark realities.  Firstly, the concept of an Ospreys-Scarlets merger is dead and the clock is ticking.  Secondly, Wales was promised a comprehensive review with nothing off the table, but nothing has yet been put on the table. Thirdly, the PRB cynically left it to the regions to have a shoot-out for survival with the clear direction that a region in the West should go and make room for a fourth in the North.  We are now where we are as a result. 

“It’s hard to look at this situation and not conclude that a stitch-up of convenience has just unravelled before us all.  There isn’t a ‘plan B’, because there was never a ‘plan A’.  Even the PRB has said a western merger was central to their planning, which is frankly mind-boggling.  Wishful thinking is not an acceptable replacement for responsible decision-making. 

“It’s now time for the grown-ups to get back in the room.  It’s time for experienced strategic planning, robust consultation and a methodical process to emerge that is transparent, timely and carries with it the full range of the sport’s stakeholders.  And this is what I will be discussing with Union and PRB officials over the coming days.”