Riverside Lounge

Further to some confusion at our last fixture, for which we apologise, we are pleased to confirm that the Riverside Lounge will be open as normal for the rest of the season.

As explained in person to a number of bemused supporters last Saturday, some changes had occurred to the Riverside Lounge of which we were entirely unaware. As such, we know a number of you turned up only to discover that all seats & tables were removed.

Please be assured that as from Tuesday's fixture against the Blues that the Riverside Lounge will revert to what it was last season. This means that all season ticket holders &members will have exclusive access to the lounge from 2 hours before kick-off, on a first-come first-serve basis to the first 400 to attend. Members are entitled bring one guest per membership card.

Please understand that the concourse doors flanking the lounge will open to the rest of the concourse at kick-off time, after which the bar will become available to all.

We look forward to seeing you all here on Tuesday evening!