RGC Under 16's 31 - 5 Ospreys East Under 16's

Despite only conceding one try in the first half, the Ospreys East Under 16's side fell to a defeat in North Wales at the weekend.

Before Sunday's game they had lost all 4 matches so far this season. However there were many signs of improvement in their performances and the resulting score lines so the team travelled to North Wales with some confidence.

The first half looked promising for the young Eyasses. They played well and stopped a number of attacks with some strong defending and good team work. Only once, in the 24th minute, were the home side able to slip through the Ospreys East back line and make it over the try line. With the try unconverted RGC led just 5 - 0 at the break.

The next 35 minutes was not to be as lucky for the visiting side though. RGC were dominant in the second half and 12 minutes later they were rewarded with a converted try. 

However the Eyasses were determined to prove they were still in the game and just 5 minutes later, through some clever play, Nathan Cardy breached RGC's defences to score. With Lewis Cronin unable to convert the team were behind by 7 but still in contention.

Unfortunately RGC had other ideas and 3 minutes later they broke through the Ospreys defence for their third try. To this the Eyasses had no response and two more tries for the home side followed in quick succession. 

Despite both teams efforts no one else was able to get any points on the board in the remaining 5 minutes and the game finished:

RGC Under 16's 31 - 5 Ospreys East Under 16's