Regions support clubs request for open debate...

Regional Rugby Wales (RRW) has given its full support to Welsh member clubs calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting of their Union.

Welsh Regions support clubs request for open debate with WRU at EGM 

Regional Rugby Wales (RRW) has given its full support to Welsh member clubs calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting of their Union after clubs expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision-making and lack of communication from the Board and Executive of the WRU.

RRW, which represents the Cardiff Blues, Scarlets, Ospreys and Newport Gwent Dragons believes it is important that every step is taken to urgently address the fundamental issues affecting the future of the whole of Welsh rugby.

RRW also welcomes the opportunity presented by the EGM for an open and informed debate and given the ongoing pressures facing the clubs and Regions would urge the governing body to ensure that this is taken forward at the earliest opportunity.

RRW, on behalf of the four Regions, reiterates its position as given in an open submission to the Welsh Assembly Government on 25th February 2014 that;

“The Regions believe that the inadequacy of the governance of the WRU is at the root cause of the issues faced by the Regions, the semi-professional game and the community clubs regarding their relationship with the WRU.

“Neither the Regions, nor the National side can be sustainable or competitive without a strong foundation of grass roots rugby from community clubs throughout Wales, the most significant contribution of all to the health of Welsh Rugby. The clubs are the essential start point for every young player and the contribution of the many volunteers who work tirelessly to provide people of all ages the opportunity to be involved in the game is critical for the future of the game.

“In addition to their role as the foundation of all rugby in Wales, we are very conscious that the community clubs are an essential part of the social fabric of many communities around Wales and should be encouraged to celebrate their own identities and goals.”

The Regions remain committed to this position, and consequently, as identified by the WRU in its own press statement, the Regions have given their backing for an EGM of the Union to enable the clubs to express their concerns in an open forum and seek constructive steps towards fair treatment and resolution.  

With regard to the Service Agreement with the WRU, the Regions confirm that this afternoon (Friday May 23rd), they have received a further proposal sent from the Chairman of the WRU, which they will now evaluate carefully as a matter of urgency. The current agreement ends on 30th June, in just 38 days time.