Reboots announced as Ospreys Official Regeneration Supplier

Ospreys have teamed up with international high performance recovery specialists, Reboots, to ensure players achieve optimum recovery after tough training sessions and grueling games this season with the Reboots Go Pants Sets and Reboots Go Lite Sets.

With their recovery boots already trialed within the Ospreys Return to Play programme. Simon Church, Ospreys Head of Physical Performance said “Reboots have been great, easy to set up a “recovery hub” for the boys to self-lead after training. Our Welsh international Dan Lydiate even took a set home, so he must really value their effectiveness.”

Reboots help to break down lactic acid more quickly, so they can either be used as part of the warm-up, after a strenuous game or as a relaxation device to help replenish reserves. Thus, they accelerate recovery, prevent injuries, and reduce muscle soreness.

With Reboot’s presence felt strongly across many leading international sporting circuits, from snowboarding to football, Olympic training to triathletes and former Ironman World Champion professing to be “overwhelmed and amazed” at their effectiveness, Reboots have been pulling in fantastic results, aiding muscular recovery for individual athletes, teams, and academies the world over, including different franchises from the European League of Football.

Osprey’s players have already been using Reboots after training sessions at our Llandarcy High Performance Centre, and because they’re portable taking them to away games too so they can strap in immediately after the match, to recover effectively during the journey home.

Liam Thomas, Lead S&C in Return to Play said “the Reboots have been a fantastic addition to our recovery protocols at Ospreys. They’ve been utilised at times throughout the training week by players who are pushing themselves hard to return to play. The varied settings allow players to take ownership of their recovery and choose a protocol that they think will most benefit them in relation to how they’re feeling. They are very portable so at certain points it’s been useful to allow players to take home a set of recovery boots so that they can optimize recovery on off days.”

Anthony Cole-Johnson, Osprey’s Commercial Director added “the combination of their international presence and the quality of their product made them an absolute winner in our book. We’ve already demonstrated we’re one to watch on the international field and by adding Reboots to our arsenal we’re equipped for optimum recovery too, giving us significant performance advantage.”

"Ospreys and Reboots are two powerhouses, and this partnership will allow both brands to reach new goals and set new standards when it comes to athlete recovery," said Tom Keller, CEO and founder of Reboots. "We look forward to accompanying the progress of the players with Reboots and hope Ospreys can further professionalize the development of its athletes with Reboots, the most effective recovery products the market has to offer today."

We can’t wait to share the results of this optimum performance partnership, as we embark on Our ‘22/23 Journey together.

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