Rbs Six Nations Member Draw - Winners!

As many of you will know, each year we have an allocation of tickets that are set aside for our Ospreys Members. Please find below a full list of the 50 winners drawn in our annual draw - BUT BE QUICK, ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 5th DECEMBER!

RBS SIX NATIONS MEMBER DRAW Each year, each & every one of our Ospreys Members (this year comprising both members & season ticket holders) is entered into our draw for tickets for each of the Welsh-hosted games of the Six Nations Tournament. These games are as follows: 
Wales v Scotland Saturday 9th February, 2pm
Wales v Italy Saturday 23rd February, 3pm
Wales v France Saturday 15th March, 5pm
 This year, we've increased our allocation of tickets for this draw to 100 (per fixture). We have therefore added below the full listing of 50 names (each winner being entitled to a pair of tickets) for each of the home fixtures listed above. (Please note that we do not receive an allocation of tickets for games hosted outside Wales). Congratulations to each of the winners!  IMPORTANT - Please be aware that we have a tight schedule for return of ticket orders this year. Having been left, on occasion, with unsold tickets, we will ONLY be ordering tickets for those who reply BY 5TH DECEMBER. So if your name is included below, you should receive a letter in the post on Wednesday 28th November. Please return the enclosed order form, along with full payment, and we will add those tickets requested to our WRU ticket order.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HONOUR ANY ORDERS RECEIVED SUBSEQUENT TO THIS DATE!  
Mr Malcolm Barnes Mr Charles Anthony Alford Mr Christopher Bayliss
Miss Janine Brinkworth Mr Ken Bailey Master George Broad
Mr Johnathan Court Miss Sarah Bevan Mr Stuart Brown
Mr Philip Criddle Mrs Sarah Bishop Mr Alun Chivers
Miss Kelsey Curnick Mr Raymond David Boyes Mr Robert Coe
Mr Lynne Davies Mrs Maggie Candle Miss Carolyn Cude
Mr Stephen Davies Mr Lyndon Chamberlain Mr Andrew Davies
Dr Wendy Davies Mrs Susan Cole Mr Russell Davies
Master Callum Down Mr Jason Curtis Mr Steffan Davies
Mr Gareth Duggan Master James Davies Master Liam Evans
Mrs Pamela Evans Miss Dawn Dolphin Mr Owen Evans
Mr Tony Gale Mr Michael Doyle Mr Mike Gabe
Master Morgan Gray Mrs Julie Eley Mr David Gammon
Mr Mark Hancock Mrs Margaret Fuge Master Rhys Griffiths
Mr James Harding Mrs Kelly Gadd Ms Tracey Hall
Mr Mark Headon Mr Samuel Griffiths Mr William Hall
Mrs Sian Hill Mr Keith Grinter Mr Roger Harding
Miss Rebecca Hurn Master Elliot Haddon Mr Stephen Hawkins
Mr Daniel Lloyd James Mr Jonathon Harvey Mrs Anne Holt
Mr Simon James Mr Mark Headon Mr Gerwyn James
Mr Terry Jarman Mr Robert Clive Henton Mrs Iona James
Mr Lee Jones Mr Anthony James Mr Keith Jeffreys
Master Nathan Jones Mr George Jenkins Miss Rhian John
Master Mitchell Jordan-Jones Mr Ieuan Jenkins Mr Stuart Jupp
Mr John Joseph Master Ashleigh Jones Mr Llewellyn Layton
Mr William Leswisse Mrs Gail Jones Mr Harry P Lazarus
Mrs Carol Lewis Mr Michael Jones Mr Keith Leaworthy
Dr Adrian Locker Mr Nicholas Jones Miss Ann Lewis
Mr Terry Moffat Mr Robert Jones Master Thomas Mcmorran
Mr Richard Morris Miss Abbey Lewis Mr Clive Mellin
Mr Clifford John Nicholas Master Calum Lewis Mr Michael Mooney
Mr Tony Parker Mr Jonathan Lewis Mr Desmond Morgan
Master Rhys Phillips Mr Thomas Lewis Mrs Tracey Powell
Miss Emma Powell Mr Malcolm Lloyd Mr Derek Roberts
Mrs Tracey Powell Master Zachary Locke Mr Douglas Roberts
Mr Gary Prichard Mrs Clare Locker Mr Richard Roberts
Prof Peter Raynor Mr Stephen Maddock Mr Alan Rose
Mr David John Ridler Mr Cai Mainwaring Mr Rodric Singh
Mr Mark Rush Master Rhys Morris Mr Richard Smith
Mr Alex Salter Ms Sian Lloyd Peccerella Mr Peter Taylor
Mr Gwyn Secombe Mr Gregg Pritchard Mr Herbert Thomas
Master Thomas Seldon Mrs Lynda Richard Mr William Thomas
Mr T J Short Mrs Lynda Richard Miss Kim Treloar
Mrs Christine Thomas Mr Alan Richards Mr Carl Wagstaff
Mr William Thomas Mr Tony Ryder Mrs Charlotte Walker
Mr William Darren Thomas Mr David Smith Mr Ernest Walters
Mr Dafydd Tomos Mrs Elizabeth Thomas Mr Gary Waters
Mrs Pamela Waspe Miss Jessica Wade Mrs Beverly Watts
Mr Philip T Wigley Miss Fran Williams Aled Williams
Mrs Gail Williams Mr Robert J Williams Mr Lawrence Williams
 Again... congratulations to all those selected at random from our database... we look foward to hearing from you all very soon! The Ospreys