Ospreys v Dragons - Matchday Guide

Matchday Guide

Here it is, our first matchday guide since February! We know things aren't the same, especially with the game being played behind closed doors, but we missed writing these guides so much that we've decided to do one anyway. 

So here it is:

Ospreys v Dragons matchday guide

09:00 - Breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day, or so they say, so we recommend a hearty yet balanced breakfast to set you up for the day. Perhaps a fruit salad with some Greek yoghurt and granola? Or some poached eggs on toast? Alternatively, you could always finish off last night's curry or fix yourself a fry up. 

10:00 to 13:59 - Kill time

There's not much going on between breakfast and the main event of the day, so spend this free time to do whatever you like. If you're stuck for ideas, here are some suggestion from the office:

Go for a walk - the weather is a little erratic but if you time it just right, you can enjoy a lovely tranquil stroll in the morning sun. Go it alone to enjoy some time with yourself, pop in some headphones and get lost in a podcast, take the whole family for some quality bonding time, or tire out your dog with a brisk walk along the coast. 

Read a book - is there a novel you've been meaning to read for ages? Why not curl up in a chair and plough through a few chapters? Or better yet, why not read our FREE digital official matchday programme? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Watch Ospreys TV - have you caught up with the new Ospreys videos? Head over to Ospreys TV and watch the latest interview with Rhys Webb, or watch some classic Ospreys moments to gear yourself up. CLICK HERE TO WATCH NOW

14:00 - Final match preparations

There's just fifteen minutes to kick-off now, so it's time to double check you've got everything you'll need for the next two hours. Here's a reminder of some things you might need:

Premier Sports. If you want to watch the game live, you'll need a subscription to Premier Sport. You can subscribe here for just £80 for the whole year. Use promo code OSPREYS80 and £10 of your subscription fee will go towards supporting your team! The game will also be shown on S4C at 21:00. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE NOW

Have you washed and ironed your favourite Ospreys jersey? (If you think you need a new one, there's currently up to 50% off on Canterbury clothing at our online shop). CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW

Is the kettle on? You won't want to get up too often in the middle of the game, and you definitely don't want to miss the start! So if you're having a brew to accompany the game, make sure it's bubbling away by now and ready to pour! 

If you're more inclined towards a cold drink with the rugby, make sure they're chilling in the fridge. Even if you put them in now, they should be cold enough to drink by half time.

Prepare your favourite spot on the sofa. Plump the pillows, shift the cat, angle the TV, put your phone on silent, adjust the thermostat, and get ready for some Ospreys rugby.

What will you be doing for food? Will you be munching on some snacks? Will you have eaten beforehand? Or will you be ordering some takeaway? Well make sure the orders are in, snacks dispensed, or that you're all fuelled up and raring to go. 

Made your way to the local? If you've gone to the pub to watch the game, be sure to observe social distancing rules and enjoy any alcoholic drinks responsibly. 

Have you got your matchday companion? We don't mean a friend or partner; we mean our Ospreys App! Get live and real time in-game statistics on your favourite player or the game as a whole using the app. It's available to download on Android and iOS. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

14:14 - Get ready

Time's up! That's it, there's nothing more for you to do now other than sit back, kick up your feet, grab your beverage of choice, and enjoy some unadulterated Guinness PRO14 rugby! Don't forget to keep an eye out in the stands for yourself if you ordered a Fan in the Stand life size cut out.

14:15 - Kick off

It's the moment we've all been waiting for for five long months... here we go!

16:15 (approx.) - FInal whistle

The last play of the game will have been played and the final whistle blown at the Liberty; hopefully we'll be celebrating an Ospreys victory after a hard-fought game of rugby. 

16:30 - A little more?

Now we understand if you have plans for the rest of your Sunday, however if you still crave live rugby after such a long ahiatus, Connacht Rugby go toe to toe with Ulster Rugby at 16:30.