Toby Booth pre-match

Ospreys v Cardiff Rugby - Toby's Introdcution

"We welcome the Ospreys supporters back and Cardiff Rugby to the Stadium for our first home game of the inaugural United Rugby Championship campaign.

"For some of us at the Ospreys – management, coaches and players - this will be the first time we have played in front of a home crowd and we are all excited to experience that in Swansea.

"We were fortunate to experience the support of the dedicated Ospreys supporters at Hartpury and Northampton in pre-season. We make no secret that we want to turn our home in to a fortress and as a tough place for visiting teams to play.


Toby Booth, Ospreys Head Coach
"The Ospreys are 12 months further down the line and have to keep building our identity and a style of play."

"It’s all part of the grand plan at the Ospreys and we know we have to give you something to cheer about. We made a good start against the Dragons last weekend and we found away to get an important away win in the first Welsh derby of the season.

"Cardiff will pose another formidable challenge after the success against Connacht in the opening round of the URC.

"The start of the season is always an exciting time and we have the added anticipation of the four South African sides coming in to play in the URC.


"The introduction of the ‘Big Four’ from South Africa can only be a good thing for the tournament.  What we can say is that there is a palpable excitement around the URC at the Ospreys.

"One of the reasons I came to the Ospreys was the chance to play different teams from different nations on a weekly basis. It poses different challenges, with different playing styles, and there are even different playing surfaces to factor in.

"We all want to challenge ourselves against different teams and different styles of play to see whether we can compete and ultimately win.

"The Ospreys are 12 months further down the line and have to keep building our identity and a style of play.  We have to keep recruiting well, develop as a squad and to keep building on the foundations we have.

"We have shown we are competitive, everybody can see that and we just have to strive to be as consistent as we can be.

"We are pleased with our recruitment and I am on record about developing our own talent and we will continue to do that.  There is a balance to be struck between getting a squad robust enough to deal with international call-ups, and that is a massive challenge, and to playing the style of rugby we aspire to.

"That is a real melting pot, with injuries to be factored in, and we are certainly more able and have a deeper squad from a recruitment perspective to be able to do that.

"The introduction of the South African sides will increase the physicality of the competition and there will be different challenges around travel.

"The team welcome you back to rugby and thank you for your continued support."