Ospreys Under 18's 0 - 33 Blues Under 18's

The Eyasses suffered a second defeat in the Regional Age Grade season at home last night


The Ospreys Under 18's side suffered a second defeat in their RAG season as they were convincingly beaten 33 - 0 by the Blues age grade team. Despite improved handling skills, a lack of possession cost the Eyasses as they failed to make it onto the score sheet.

It was a quiet start to the match as both teams tried to find their feet. The Blues soon showed their dominance however and just after ten minutes had been played, they crossed over for the first of their five tries. The angle of the kick, teamed with the wind, meant that it was the only one that went unconverted all match.

It looked like the Blues would be over for a second time after the restart when they made an exceptional break down the wing, but some great last ditch defence from the young Ospreys brought them down feet from the try line. The visitors carried on their determined play and with the first quarter over it was almost a surprise the Blues were only 5 - 0 up.

Just as the Blues neared the try line again, an interception and exceptional run from the Ospreys Under 18's gave the home fans something to cheer about. However the Blues defence regrouped in time before they could make it all the way.

Despite a lack of possession the Eyasses did have their opportunities to attack when they did have the ball in hand. However the brutal Blues defence proved too strong and with the Ospreys committing more men to every move, they weren't able to exert the pressure needed. Instead it was the Blues that brought the first half to close with  a second try from another impressive race down the wing.

HT: Ospreys Under 18's 0 - 12 Blues Under 18's

While the Blues had been impressive in the first half, they were even better in the second. With just two minutes on the clock their powerful attack saw them dominate an Eyasses scrum and chase down the pitch to easily put the ball between the posts.

The young Ospreys had no defence for the strength of the visitors attack and it wasn't long before the Blues got their bonus point. After 41 minutes of rugby the visitors led 26 - 0.

The home side were lucky it wasn't three tries within 10 minutes as the Blues outran them chasing the ball towards the Eyasses try line, the ball going dead just before the visitors could get their hands to it. With this move happening twice more in the next few minutes and a knock on just shy of the try line, it was the Blues missing their opportunities rather than the home side preventing them.

The Eyasses really struggled to get control of the ball or game in the later stages of the game, on the few occasions they had the ball, the powerful Blues back line kept them firmly pinned inside their own half. The visitors attacking play proving just as strong as they once again pushed their way into the Ospreys U18's 22. A strong scrum and a missed tackle from the Eyasses allowing them their fifth and final try of the evening.

It was with just 7 minutes remaining in the match that the Eyasses finally looked dangerous. They breached the visitors' defence and tried to push their way over, but again problems stemmed with them committing too many men to each attack. They did eventually make it to the line but were brought back for an earlier offence so no try was scored.

Despite some good efforts from both sides, the remaining time played out with no further scores and the match finished:

FT: Ospreys Under 18's 0 - 33 Blues Under 18's

Steffan James, Ospreys Under 18's Head Coach, remarked on his sides' loss and the season so far:

"It's been a very disappointing last few weeks for us. I think there is an understanding there of how we want to play but the execution of it is very wrong at the minute. We've been technically poor and tactically poor and we're not going to win games when we're bad in those two areas.

"We've played two very good sides in the last fortnight, the Blues were very strong tonight and the Scarlets were strong last week. We have struggled with possession in those games, we can't build any momentum without it and the score lines reflect that.

"We've played strong sides the last two weeks but the quality of our first phase possession was better against RGC when we got the win, we held on to the ball for a few more phases. We weren't brilliant against RGC but it's been a step up the last few weeks.

"We spoke in the dressing room after and I think it's about small wins and gains for us now. Looking at the performance and the key areas of the game where we aren't good enough and putting the focus on those in training and being better in those areas next week, and better again the following week. If we get those smalls wins and small gains every week eventually the result will come with it. We need to put less focus on results and more focus on the processes that get us there in the end."