Ospreys U16s team announcement

Tomorrow evening sees a regional head-to-head between Ospreys U16s West and the East in their final game of the season, at St. Helens, K.O. 7.15pm, and here’s how they line up.

Ospreys U16s West

15. Tiegue Williams 

14. Luke Morgan

13. Iestyn Lewis

12. Gregor Devine

11. Tommy Payne

10. Dan Edwards (C)

9. Brandon Jones


1. Cameron Jones

2. Matthew Richards

3. James Williams

4. Troy Davies

5. Dafydd Thomas

6. George Lloyd

7. Lewis Walker

8. Oscar Muxworthy



16. Jamie Parry

17. Llyr Davies

18. Aneurin Morgan

19. Joseff Meek

20. Leo Pietrapertos

21. Scott Hawkins

22. Rhys Harris

23. Alex Hughes


Ospreys U16s East

15. Cory Jenkins

14. Sam Neil

13. Tom Florence

12. Ifan Hunnum

11. Ellis Evans

10. Rhys Cawley

9. Callum Reed


1. Sam Johnson

2. Josh Burns

3. Xander Molitika

4. Dylan Samuel

5. Ciaran Davies

6. Ellis Hart

7. Kyan Lloyd (C)

8. Kian Jones



16. Ollie Donaghue

17. John Coates

18. Ieuan Bissmire

19. Sam Bolton

20. Fynn Mordecai

21. Conner Howard

22. Olly Fish

23. Jack Davies


Both teams enter into this final game with a mixture of results under their belt.

East have secured three wins in total this season, firstly against the Dragons Black, home, back in September during the first block of games, and then against the Scarlets West, away, and the Dragons Red, home, earlier this month.

However, for four of their previous match they have fallen short on the scoreboard. Their firstly defeat was at the beginning of the season in August against the Scarlets East, and then against Blues South in September, both of which were away fixtures.

Then, despite getting off to a good start at the beginning of this second block of fixtures, they were overpowered by their opposition in the last two matches which were against RGC and Blues North on home-ground..

While the West also started the season off on the wrong foot with a loss against Blues North, away, back in August, their only other loss this season was in January at the beginning of the second block of matches against Blues South.

They have achieved a total of five wins across the season. They obtained two wins from the first block of matches under their belt, firstly against the Scarlets East, home, and then the Dragons Black, away, and three wins from their last three, against Dragons Red, away, then against Scarlets West, home, and then lastly at RGC, away, on Sunday.