Ospreys U16s Round-up

The Ospreys East and West U16s sides were both involved in another summer rugby festival at The Wern, Merthyr on Wednesday.

The two teams enjoyed three matches, finishing off the day with a thrilling Ospreys Derby with both sides facing each other. 

Ospreys East

Game 1

First up for the East side were Blues South. The Ospreys kept their composure well with the Blues attacking deep in their 22, and strong defence from the pack kept the Blues away from the try line. 

But coming out for the second half the Blues wasted no time in puncturing the Ospreys defence, scoring a try in the opening minute! The conversion took them ahead 7-0 with 13 minutes played.

The Ospreys looked to put their names on the board, but the Blues defence proved too strong and eventually a turnover from the Blues saw them score their second try of the game. A missed conversion left the scores at 12-0 with less than four minutes left to play. Not wanting to come away empty handed, the Ospreys kept their composure and pushed their way into the Blues 22. Some great attack from the squad made way for Cieran Commerford to score a try for the Ospreys East as the clock turned red. A missed conversion left the final score 12-5.

Blues South 12 - 5 Ospreys East


Game 2

Next up were the Blues North, who managed to clinch a 10-0 victory over the young Ospreys during last week’s rugby festival at Ystrad Mynach. Looking to get the win, the young Ospreys tried to make good ground against the Blues side, but struggled to finish off their chances. But the Blues attack was powerful and with five minutes played the pack raced over the line for the opening try. And with momentum on their side, just two minutes later the Blues broke through the Ospreys defence to score a second try.

A conversion took the Blues 12-0 ahead. During the second half, the Ospreys tried to gain headway into the Blues 22, but struggled to turn their possession into points. The young Ospreys defence was strong in the closing few minutes, keeping the Blues at bay, but the final whistle dealt the Ospreys East another defeat by the hands of Blues North.

Blues North 12 - 0 Ospreys East


Ospreys West

Game 1

First up for the West side were the Blues North U16’s. Last week the Osprey side clinched the victory from the Blues in a 5-12 win, so the young squad were looking for the double.

The Ospreys dominated the early stages of the game, playing the game deep in the Blues 22, but missed opportunities kept their names off the scoreboard with the Blues turning them over each time. In an entertaining game from the two sides, it was the Blues North who were first over the whitewash after spotting a gap in the Ospreys defence. A conversion took them 7-0 ahead. The Ospreys kept their composure and clinical work through the phases saw second row Conor McMenamin crash over the line to narrow the scores. But a missed conversion proved the difference with the Ospreys falling just short 7-5.

Blues North 7 - 5 Ospreys West 


Game 2

Looking for their first win and redemption against the side that beat them 12-0 last week, the Ospreys West faced the Blues South in their second game of the day.

In another dominating performance, the Ospreys West once again created opportunities in their opposition’s 22, but struggled to turn their dominance into points against a tough Blues side.

But after some great passing from the squad a swift break from Callum Dodd, who had his wing George Sheppard on his outside and clear of the tryline, saw the wing race over for the try. But a well spotted knock-on by the linesman saw the Ospreys side denied their try with play called back for a Blues penalty.

And with that penalty the Blues earned a lineout 5 metres from the line. The force from the pack was too much for the Ospreys and with a driving maul the Blues crashed over to claim the try. A conversion made the scores 7-0, with the Ospreys heartbreakingly denied any points on the board.

Blues South  7 - 0 Ospreys West


Game 3 – East v West

The final game for the two sides was an Ospreylian derby with East taking on West and both sides came out fired up to claim the bragging rights.

The West were first to take control with scrum-half Lloyd Davies charging off the back of a scrum to open the scores with a try. But the East side were clinical in their response taking back control of the game, Cameron Maisey spotting a break to even the scores with a try.

With a try a piece it was still all to play for, but the East with momentum on their side took advantage. Quick play from the backs saw Liam Svenson cross over the line to take the lead, with a conversion from Lloyd Freeman making the scores 12-5 to the Ospreys East.

In a tense finish, the West weren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. Dominating the last stage of play, a powerful attack led to second row Connor Williams crashing over the line. But a missed conversion left the score fall just short for the West at 12-10 at the final whistle after a gripping encounter. 

Ospreys West 10 - 12 Ospreys East