Ospreys target Pencoed schoolchildren

The Ospreys Community Rugby Department is teaming up with primary schools in the Pencoed area over the next month, with a view to encouraging rugby participation among children at Pencoed RFC.

Tom Cole, Player Development Officer for the Bridgend District, will oversee the project that will see him starting a four-week programme at Coychurch, Croesty and Pencoed primaries that will culminate in a special tag tournament.

The sessions will be fun based, with the goal of introducing boys and girls in year four to rugby, and hopefully stimulating a lifelong interest and passion in the game.

Ben Rose, Regional Community Manager at the Ospreys, said:

“Pencoed has a fantastic rugby tradition and a great history of player development, but like every club in Ospreylia, it is important that we continue to generate interest in the game and try to drive new players through the system, which is why we are working with the rugby club and primary schools on this project.

“By engaging with young children in these schools and giving them what is, in many cases, their first real involvement in rugby, hopefully, we can encourage them to take up the game in their spare time and discover the thrills of playing rugby with your mates for your local club.

“The more people we are able to encourage to play the game and take their first steps along the development pathway, the stronger that rugby will be as a whole in Ospreylia.”