Ospreys 'tackle' climate change off the field

The Ospreys have pledged to reduce the team's carbon footprint following a request from one of the Welsh Government's teenage Climate Change Champions, Bronwen Davies.

The squad are the latest to show their support to the Welsh Government’s ‘11 Actions for 2011’ campaign, which has seen five teenage Climate Change Champions challenging the people of Wales to pledge to commit to at least three carbon-reducing actions from a list of eleven.

Fifteen-year-old Climate Change Champion, Bronwen Davies, contacted the team to gather pledges from the players for the ‘11 Actions for 2011’ campaign.

Bronwen said:

“Some of the pledges were really popular among the team. With such a busy training schedule, the players were quick to point out how reducing their shower time by one minute would be an easy pledge to make. It was great to hear how a few of the players already lift-share to training too – all these steps are perfect for reducing the team’s carbon footprint.

“The Ospreys have a great fan base and hopefully their pledges will set a good example for others throughout Ospreylia to follow.”

 The players have each pledged to three carbon-reducing actions to show their support to campaign and to encourage fans to also make pledges.

Ian Gough, said:

“Some of the pledges really struck a chord with the team. Spending less time in the shower was an easy pledge for us all to make, and it was unbelievable how much water and energy could be saved through cutting the time by just 60 seconds.

“The Climate Change Champions are doing such a great job in encouraging the people of Wales to reduce their carbon footprint and there really are at least three pledges on the list to suit everyone. We would urge all our fans to visit the Wales Carbon Footprint website to pledge their support to the campaign and help tackle climate change.”

The ‘11 Actions for 2011’ are:

1.   Do one less clothes washing load a week: avoid half loads.

2.   Use a washing up bowl, rather than running the tap.

3.   Join a car club, or start car sharing.

4.   Walk or cycle for short trips.

5.   Use public transport for longer trips.

6.   Install double or secondary glazing for my windows.

7.   Fit a hot water jacket on my boiler.

8.   Turn my thermostat down by 1 degree (18 degrees Celsius is about right).

9.   Replace G-rated appliances with A-rated ones.

10. Spend one minute less in the shower (aim for four minutes).

11. Insulate my loft or walls.

To find out how to pledge to take some of the ‘11 Actions for 2011’ and for more information on how to reduce your carbon footprint visit www.walescarbonfootprint.gov.uk/11actions