Ospreys supporting World Kidney Day 2010

Ospreys players make a special visit to Morriston Hospital Renal Unit.

Lyndon Bateman, Duncan Jones, Alun Wyn Jones, Tom Smith and Jonathan Spratt spent two hours touring the wards to meet patients undergoing dialysis as well as medical staff at the hospital, and to help raise awareness of a condition which currently effects one in ten people in the UK.

It is the fifth year of World Kidney Day, and is the second consecutive year that the Ospreys have thrown their weight behind the campaign.

Speaking after the visit, Duncan Jones said:

"It is very humbling to be able to visit the Renal Unit and spend some time with patients currently receiving treatment. I was also fortunate enough to be involved in last year's visit, so I am well aware of the excellent work being done there. Most people wouldn't realise the number of patients being treated there, all day every day, so it's a real eye opener to see for yourself how busy the nurses and doctors are there, and how dignified the patients are in treatment. Hopefully, by spending a bit of time at the ward and supporting World Kidney Day, the Ospreys can help to raise awareness of an issue that is becoming a growing problem."


-      One in ten people have some form of kidney damage
-      Fewer than 1 in 10 people are aware that regular kidney checks are vital if you are at risk of developing kidney disease
-     Every year across the world millions die prematurely of heart attacks and strokes linked to kidney disease
-     30% of people with kidney failure are only referred to a specialist  when the kidneys have already completely failed
-      In the UK more than 23,000 adults are currently receiving dialysis  treatment for kidney failure and this number is increasing every  year
-    7,000 kidney patients in the UK are awaiting a kidney transplant, but due to the shortage of organ donors 400 people a year die while waiting