Ospreys support World Kidney Day

Players visit the renal ward at Morriston Hospital to show support for World Kidney Day.

For six years now the Ospreys have given up their time to visit patients at the renal unit since World Kidney Day 2007, chatting to the patients who are on dialysis, have photos taken and sign autographs.

John Gustausen, from Swansea, has been on dialysis for six months and visits the self care dialysis unit three days a week for four hours a time.

John said: “The renal unit is fantastic, the staff are marvellous and they are very supportive.  

“It’s great to see the boys today; they all look like they have been training.

“I’m also in training; I’m being trained on the nocturnal dialysis machine.   I will have a machine at home and hook myself up to it at bedtime and by the morning I disconnect myself and carry on my life as normal.  I can’t wait.”

Tom Smith has visited the unit over the last few years and said:  “It’s really good to be back supporting World Kidney Day and the great work the renal unit is involved in.

“These patients are really brave putting needles into their veins all the time; they take it in their stride.   

“As players we have to have injections and I know some team members who make a real big fuss about it, but I’m not saying any names!”

Rhian Thomas, ABM Renal Secretary and World Kidney Day events organiser said:  “We can’t thank the Ospreys enough for coming today, they are great.

“Staff and patients really enjoy the visits and it helps to highlight the importance of World Kidney Day.”

World Kidney Day takes place on Thursday 14th March and the Ospreys will be at the Swansea Leisure Centre between 1pm and 2pm to meet members of the public and to help us raise awareness of this day.

For more information please visit www.worldkidneyday.co.uk