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Ospreys Statement - Matthew Aubrey and Callum Carson

The Ospreys can confirm that a full and thorough independent disciplinary process has been concluded in relation to the incident on March 7th , 2022, involving Callum Carson and Matthew Aubrey.

The Ospreys suspended both players with immediate effect after being made aware of the incident.

Carson, 23, and Aubrey, 24, were investigated separately and during those investigations accepted full responsibility for their actions and demonstrated remorse for their behaviour.

Both players are fully aware that their actions were totally unacceptable and of their responsibilities to the Ospreys and the wider community who they represent.

The recommended disciplinary sanction has been imposed on them and in addition they will undertake volunteer work with The Wallich Welsh charity helping people who are homeless.

Callum Carson, said: “Firstly, I would like to apologise to the person involved for my behaviour and lack of respect towards them. Then, I have to say sorry, to my family, my friends, my teammates and the Ospreys and the supporters for the embarrassment caused by my actions.”

Matthew Aubrey, said: “I want to say sorry to everybody for what happened and there are no excuses for my behaviour on that night. I know how much distress and embarrassment it has caused everybody close to me and everyone involved with the Ospreys.”

The Ospreys will be making no further comment