Ospreys Rugby Seek Community Ambassadors

With an array of different schemes & initiatives offered by Ospreys Rugby (details below), this season Ospreys Rugby are looking to recruit some Ospreys Community Ambassadors...

With an array of different schemes & initiatives offered by Ospreys Rugby (details below), this season Ospreys Rugby are looking to recruit some Ospreys Community Ambassadors.

We know that there is already an army of people promoting rugby within their own localities in Ospreylia already. While we'd love many such folk to also represent us as a region, we know there are a host of others who aren't actively involved with local rugby, who both have the time & love of rugby to be more involved with Ospreylia's ambition. If either description fits you, and you'd like to be involved with all we've outlined below, we'd love to hear from you!

Who we're looking for?

It's become clear over the last few seasons that many of our offerings fail to filter down to all those who would benefit most from them. What we'd like is to have a host of ambassadors throughout the region who can both increase awareness of these initiatives, but also promote community activity within Ospreylia.

So the kind of person we're looking for is-

  • Those already working within a local club/school who would like to assist promotion of the various offers (to each team within your locality).
    • Those who are not directly involved with local rugby, but are key members of local communities, able to dispense key information [regarding initiatives & schemes] to all teams in clubs & schools within the locality.

        What we're looking for?

        1. Promotion of upcoming fixtures
      • Putting up match posters (supplied by us) in appropriate public places within your area.
      • Spreading the word about our group bookings offer within local clubs & schools.
          1. Ticket Scheme (passing on all information to your local club & school(s), and coordinating any group bookings via our Ospreys office)
        • EXCLUSIVE - HALF PRICE TICKETS TO ALL GROUPS OF 20+!!! We would ask that this offer (applicable to all home fixtures, subject to availability) be presented to all eligible groups (i.e. rugby teams [senior/junior] & schools). (Please note this offer is ONLY available when processed via community ambassadors, or recognized club/school contacts).
            1. Kit & Equipment Scheme (sharing the offer details with each of the local teams [both senior & junior], and forwarding queries to our Ospreys office)
          • Many clubs & schools have already benefited hugely from our Kit Scheme. With rugby shirts (and all other rugby kit) available at cost-price from Kooga, along with the facility for all club sponsors to be featured on kit, this offer is proving to provide fantastic savings to all rugby teams within our region. All we would ask is that the relevant information & catalogues are passed on to everyone who might benefit. Please understand that this is effectively a non-profit scheme that can massively benefit local rugby in your area!
              1. Ospreylia Lottery (advising clubs how they can earn commissions when signing up new members for the lottery, in turn supporting our academy [who benefit from all profits])
            • With the capacity to earn commissions for both the individual and/or your local club/school, the Ospreylia Lottery is an ideal means of both supporting our Ospreys Academy (to whom all profits go) & your local community.

                What now?

                If you're interested in getting involved, please fill in the application (Word Document) and return to us, either by email (tickets@ospreysrugby.com) or by post to:

                Ospreys RugbyLiberty StadiumLandoreSwanseaSA1 2FA If you have further questions, please feel free to call Barny at the Ospreys Office on 01792 616507.