Stadium update

Ospreys Rugby Nears Decision on New Stadium Location

The Ospreys can confirm that they have narrowed down their search for a new home stadium to two exciting options, St Helen's Sports Ground in Swansea, and the Dunraven Brewery Field in Bridgend.

Since Ospreys CEO, Lance Bradley, first announced that the club was planning to move to a new stadium, this topic has dominated Welsh club rugby conversations, with various theories and rumours spread around social media and the like.

After months of work and careful consideration, the Ospreys can officially confirm they are working together with local councils in exploring two potential options for a new home stadium, St Helen's Sports Ground in Swansea, and the Dunraven Brewery Field in Bridgend. Both St Helen's and the Brewery Field offer unique advantages for the future of the Ospreys.

The decision to narrow down choices to these two grounds was made after extensive discussions with stakeholders and thorough evaluations of the feasibility, accessibility, and potential for growth at each location.

Both choices would require significant redevelopments which would be phased over a number of years.

The Ospreys will remain at the Stadium for the 24/25 season, using this time for initial redevelopments to ensure the selected stadium is fit for purpose for the following 25/26 season.

Ospreys CEO, Lance Bradley said: “I am happy to share that we have narrowed down our decision to two fantastic grounds, each offering unique opportunities, and we are confident that either choice would be more than suitable as the Ospreys new home.

“It’s been a pleasure working with both the City and County of Swansea Council and Bridgend County Borough Council to get to this point. Both councils have really come to the party and been more than accommodating in our requests, and open to working together to ensure our new stadium is not just a suitable top-flight rugby stadium but offers further opportunities to enrich the local community.

“I look forward to being able to share our preferred option in the coming weeks and working in partnership with the relevant Council to ensure our new home becomes the hub of the community.”

Further updates regarding stadium selection will be shared in due course.