Ospreys offer unique sponsorship opportunity

A new initiative being launched today by the Ospreys will open the door to first team jersey sponsorship to businesses of all sizes for the very first time in the 2013/14 season.

The groundbreaking offering will see a sponsorship patch on the right sleeve of the iconic Ospreys playing jersey being offered to potential commercial partners on a shirt-by-shirt basis, with businesses able to secure their spot on the jersey of their choice.

This means that local, national and international businesses of all sizes can now take advantage of the fantastic opportunities offered through association with the Ospreys, with shirt numbers 1-23 all available separately to businesses or organisations who want to join the cause.

Yarnie Guthrie, Ospreys Commercial Manager, said:

“This is an exciting and innovative offering, something we’ve never done before. An independent report has rated the Ospreys jersey as the most valuable in the UK and Ireland in terms of TV media exposure and this initiative offers smaller, local businesses the chance to benefit.

“We are always looking at new ways for the business community to share in our exposure and growth, and we are excited about the potential this has. Businesses can opt to have their logo on the sleeve of any individual shirt they choose, subject to availability. You could have your logo on the number 10 shirt for the whole season, or on the number 1 jersey for every game in 2013/14.

“It’s a wonderful, unique opportunity for up to 23 businesses to take their first steps into senior shirt sponsorship with the Ospreys, the most successful team in Celtic League history and one of Europe’s premium sporting brands.”

London-based media specialist Repucom compiled a report ahead of the current season which highlighted the true value to the region’s corporate partners of their sponsorship of the Ospreys, with worldwide broadcast coverage valued at an unbelievable £3.7m during 2011/12 – higher than even the leading Aviva Premiership clubs.

The average 'per shirt' TV value for the right hand sleeve was calculated at £8,400, highlighting the fantastic value available on slots that start at just £2,000, dependent on the actual shirt number.

Companies that rely on Repucom to evidence the value of their sponsorship/advertising packages include global giants such as Adidas, Porsche, Reebok, Samsung, Nokia, Red Bull and Unilever, along with some of the world’s best known sporting organisations including NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour and ICC – a clear indication of the high repute in which their findings are held.

Guthrie added:

“The Repucom report illustrates perfectly the massive national and international profile enjoyed by the Ospreys. We offer our commercial partners a fantastic opportunity to reach a wide, international audience through their association with our organisation.

“By opening up this one slot on the jersey to more companies, it allows even more of the Ospreylian business community to be a part of what we are building here.”

Thirty per cent of the jerseys have already been snapped up by existing player sponsors following an exclusive pre-order opportunity.

Nigel Davies, Managing Director of Bridgend based Recycle Direct, said:

"Having sponsored Shane Williams for many years, this season we have sponsored Eli Walker, and have been delighted to help fund the development of the next generation of Ospreys.

"Thanks to this new initiative, Recycle Direct has bought the number eleven jersey for next season and I'm excited about seeing our logo on the Ospreys jersey. This is a fantastic, affordable way for local Ospreys businesses to share in the region's success, allowing companies that otherwise would not be in a position to get involved in shirt sponsorship to benefit from increased association with Wales' leading region."

For more details on how you and your business could feature on the Ospreys playing jersey sleeve for 2012/13 please contact Craig Jackson or Yarnie Guthrie from the Ospreys Commercial team on 01792 616500 or email commercial@ospreysrugby.com