Ospreys join 'Fit and Fab' Swansea

Ozzie the Osprey was in attendance at the 'Fit and Fab' event in Swansea city centre at the weekend, joining the Community Rugby team to promote the benefits of playing rugby to local youngsters.

Participation Officer Lisa Jones led the team at the event on Oxford Street, which was aiming to boost the awareness of fun fitness opportunities in Swansea, and as well as Ozzie, she was joined by some of the region’s Community Coaches who helped to deliver some fun rugby sessions.

The Ospreys rugby themed inflatables also proved popular, allowing children visiting the city centre with their parents to take a break from getting dragged around the shops by their mums and dads, and to enjoy a taste of rugby instead.

Organised by the businesses of the city centre and the City and County of Swansea through the Swansea BID organisation, as well as the Ospreys there were appearances from Funky Pump, The Dragon Hotel, the GYM Swansea, The LC and Revue Dance Studios to name just a few.

WRU/Ospreys Regional Development Manager Ben Rose, said that this kind of event was perfect for his team:

“We want the Ospreys to be at the heart of the local community, which is why we were delighted to be asked along to be part of the ‘Fit and Fab’ event. Ozzie proved a huge hit with children and parents alike, while the Ospreys inflatables and our Community Coaches were able to give youngsters a taste of rugby, and show them how much fun it can be.

“There was a serious side to the event though. It was an opportunity for the children of Swansea to be encouraged to get regular exercise, by showing them how much fun it can be, and also, importantly for us, we were able to talk to them about the team, and the vast amounts of opportunities there are for playing and enjoying rugby in Ospreylia.”