Ospreys in the Community – International Women’s Day

Recently, all of OitC’s female staff came together to plan a celebration of women and girls in Ospreylia for International Women’s Day.

The day resonates particularly with Ospreys in the Community, who place a high importance on inclusion and equality in the workplace, throughout the organisation and within its pillars and programmes.

Ospreys in the community have a 50% female workforce, which is also mirrored on their board of trustees. Having a balanced and inclusive workforce means that OitC are better equipped to highlight the gaps in women’s and girl’s provisions and identify opportunities for improvement.

An inclusive workforce also helps Ospreys in the Community to better empathise with the groups that they work with and connect with the people from the various backgrounds that they come from.

As part of their new 5-year strategy, Oitc are making a move to an “equity” based-approach in their bid to reduce inequality. When Ospreys in the Community was set up, one of the main strategic pillars was “inclusion”. However, over the last 5 years, women’s and disabled sports have moved from the edges to become a part of their core activity.

A prime example of the equity-based approach of can be seen when looking at their junior player camps, which are aimed at girls and facilitated by women members of staff.

To achieve full equality, OitC will continue to focus additional energy and resources to ensure everyone is treated fairly. This is their equity-based approach.

To read more about OitC’s work around reducing inequality, head to their recently published impact report here.