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Ospreys Chairman Rob Davies to stand down

Ospreys Rugby can confirm Rob Davies will stand down as chairman of the region and from his role on the Welsh Rugby Union’s Professional Rugby Board.

Davies, who was a founder of the Ospreys at the inception of regional rugby in 2003, took over the role of chairman from Mike James in March 2019, and played a key role in the negotiations with new owners Y11 Sports and Media.

The deal with Y11 secured the future of the Ospreys with a new robust ownership structure in place designed to lead and meet the challenges facing professional rugby.

Davies, a widely respected figure in Welsh and European rugby, will continue to play a key role as an investor in Y11 Sport & Media, the new Ospreys holding company.

Rob Davies, Ospreys Chairman, said:

“The Ospreys have been on a extraordinary journey to date. From our genesis as a region born out of two clubs with long traditions and history, we caught the supporter’s imagination and developed one of the most recognised and dynamic brands in rugby. 

“With the region’s new management and ownership structure now in place and the transition fully completed, it’s the right time to take a step back and allow for a further strengthening of the organisation’s leadership and governance, ahead of further growth. 

“I’m so proud of what everyone has achieved and I know the Ospreys are now fully prepared for the next and more exciting chapters to come.

 “There is no doubt professional rugby is on the cusp of a new global era and has to adapt to take full advantage to deliver in a competitive sporting marketplace.

“That means harnessing expertise from outside of rugby, from the business and sporting worlds, to provide real acumen and to lay foundations for an exciting and sustainable future.

“At the Ospreys, with the investment with Y11, we have done that, acknowledging the need to embrace change to harness the benefits and opportunities ahead.

“Professional rugby in Wales faces major challenges but we first need to acknowledge the need to change and then to embrace change to progress."

James Davies-Yandle, Founder and CEO of Y11 Media and Sports, said:

“Rob Davies is one of the founding fathers of the Ospreys and his legacy is there for all to see, with the silverware and how the team and business is one of the pillars of the region we represent.

“His selfless desire to see the Ospreys successful has always been at the forefront of all his decision-making. His decision to step back as chairman underlines his ambition for the Ospreys as we look forward to embracing the new horizons and opportunities presented by professional rugby.”

Nick Garcia, Ospreys Chief Executive, said:

“Rob has always pushed for the Ospreys, on the rugby and business side, to be bold, innovative and to embrace new opportunities.

“Still having him as part of the Ospreys Board will prove invaluable as we press ahead as professional rugby embarks on its new global era.”

Garcia, the Ospreys CEO, will be region’s new representative on the PRB.