Ospreys Business Club

Ospreys Business Club set to re-engage with local businesses

Lance Bradley’s appointment as CEO of Ospreys back in January signalled a lot of changes at the club. One of his key announcements was that we wanted to become a hub of the community again – the general community, the rugby community and the business community. As part of that, the Ospreys have announced the launch of the Ospreys Business Club.

The Ospreys Business Club aims to not only bring local businesses together, but also to share the club’s extensive knowledge and learnings from the world of professional sports in a way we feel can directly benefit local businesses. These can be used practically in the office or work space, offering a unique perspective on business development in order to grow further together.

The Ospreys have enjoyed a successful season, where they have qualified for the EPCR Challenge Cup quarter finals (and in qualifying secured their first ever European knock out win) and are in contention for the BKT URC knock-outs. Bradley has also stated we are currently looking or a new home stadium in the area, making this a particularly exciting time for the club.

Members of the Ospreys Business Club will have access to a host of exclusive benefits and networking opportunities with business of all sizes. These quarterly events and workshops will see Ospreys professionals tackle talks on relevant topics in such a way they can be practically applied to any business.

The Ospreys Business Club will kick-off with a free event on the 17th May at the Swansea.com Stadium, starting at 7:30am and includes a talk by the Ospreys’ CEO, Lance Bradley.

Lance Bradley, CEO commented: “I am really pleased to not only be launching the Ospreys Business Club, but also the opportunity to be its first speaker. This is part of our broader strategy where we are reengaging local partners, businesses and supporters, as we look to become the hub of the community.

“Coming from the world of automotive business to the business of sport many years ago, I realised that professional sport offers great insight and learnings which can be applied to any business through a non-traditional lens. There is an immense amount of knowledge and value we hold which I’m excited to share with members of the club. We would love to work with as many local businesses as possible to the benefit of everyone.”

To sign-up for the first, free Ospreys Business Club event fill in the form below. For more information and the full itinerary, see here.