Ospreys assist Luxembourg RU

Development Officer Tony Thomas has been spreading the Ospreys gospel at a coaching course in Luxembourg.

Tony, part of the Coach Development Department recently named as the best in Wales, spent a weekend hosting a training camp for forwards on behalf of the Luxembourg Rugby Union, where he was acting in his capacity as a WRU/IRB Coach Educator as part of the Training and Education Strategy for Europe

He delivered a programme which covered theory, tactical, technical and lifestyle advice, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants, including players, coaches and referees.

Taking place over two days, the course was open to all players from Under 15 through to National reps, with the emphasis on developing forward play throughout Luxembourg. Feedback received from FIRA indicates that the delegates who attended enjoyed the courses, and are confident that the lessons absorbed from this camp, will continue to benefit Luxembourg rugby for many years.

Speaking about the experience, Tony Thomas commented:

"Working with players and coaches in emerging rugby nations is hugely rewarding. Their appetite to learn about the game is voracious and their enthusiasm is contagious. Because they start from a relatively low game knowledge base, progress is almost instant and as such is very gratifying.

"One very pleasant surprise was the number of players wearing Ospreys shirts. Many of them were well aware of the Ospreys achievements and knew many of the squad. The Ospreys are not only flying high, but far afield as well!"

Tony's work in Luxembourg is the latest example of the work he is doing outside of Wales to help develop the game of rugby on an international stage, and follows on from his long-term relationship with German club ASV Cologne, which has led to a number of link-ups with the region in recent seasons.