The Ospreys are on Periscope!

We kicked off our brand new Periscope Channel on Friday night, broadcasting live video direct from the Annual Awards Dinner at the Brangwyn Hall to the mobile phones of supporters around the world.


Periscope is Twitter's new live-streaming video app, which allows users to watch or watch live video wherever in the world you are.

It’s an ideal medium for sports fans and clubs to connect, allowing you, the supporter, direct access to behind the scenes video that is broadcast live and unedited, in real time.

To soft launch the official Ospreys Periscope Channel, we Tweeted and Facebooked to tell supporters that we were now on Periscope, then launched in real style on Friday night with incredible live video streaming via iPhone direct from the awards at the Brangwyn Hall in Swansea.

Supporters who were on the ball were able to watch the awards on their mobile phones as it happened while interacting, sending their direct messages in. to be seen by fellow users.

On Periscope, all live streams remain available to watch for a further 24 hours once the broadcast finishes before they disappear for good – If you haven’t seen last night’s streams then sign up now before they are gone forever.

With the launch judged a success, this is just the beginning for the Ospreys on Periscope.

Make sure you sign up now for the kind of behind the scenes access never before possible, with live streams from Llandarcy, the Liberty Stadium and who else knows where.


You just need a Twitter account, an iPhone or iPad, and the Periscope App from the App Store, and your away.

Enjoy the access!