Ospreys Age Grade Conditioning Programme -

The Ospreys' Age Grade Conditioning Programme will commence on May 7th. The program is open to selected players and will provide the foundations for you to begin to build the strength and fitness levels required to have a successful career as a professional rugby union player.

The facilities listed have the equipment, staff, knowledge and ability to ensure that you can learn and carry out the exercises required in a safe, effective and progressive manner. They also have had the experience of coaching numerous athletes from the beginnings of their sporting careers. This experience and knowledge is invaluable. The coaches present will have a knowledge of your requirements and current fitness levels and will spend an initial period during your training to assess your current abilities and then program and coach you suitably.

During your time in the Ospreys Age Grade structure you will have your progress measured with specific tests. Progress is expected and the programs that you follow in the listed facilities will ensure development at a satisfactory rate. We cannot guarantee that the coaching and programs you receive from other non-listed facilities will cover your needs in terms of development or safety. 

Age groups training – information regarding gyms/training locations


  1. Swansea West
    1. Location: Reebok Crossfit Velocity, Fforestfach SA5 4EP
    2. Cost £25 per month.
    3. They will initially arrange an on-ramp (introduction/technique etc.) for our players that will run as 2 x sessions weekly for 2-3 weeks (dependent upon how quickly players learn). Players will then be given a membership card that allows them to use gym for 2 x coached sessions a week (times up to player).
    4. On ramp sessions to run at 7.30pm on a Wednesday 16th May and 7.00pm on a Friday 19th May.
    5. *Email to book into1st session: info@cfvelocity.com


  1. Swansea City Centre
    1. Location: Crossfit SA1, Langdon Rd, SA1 8Q
    2. Cost £25 a month. This will give full membership of gym and they can use it for any classes they want.
    3. Compulsory on ramps – Sunday 13th May at 10.30 and Tuesday May 15th at 5.30
    4. Training and coaching sessions after this to be carried out on Tuesdays and Thursday at 5.30.


  1. Port Talbot
    1. Location Crossfit Port Talbot, Addison Rd, SA126HZ
    2. Cost £20 a month – though because of the on-ramp taking up 2 x sessions on the first instance £20 will cover 6 weeks.
    3. On-ramp – 4 sessions (2 per week) on Tuesday and Thursday with first date being May 15th at 7.00pm
  1. Neath
    1. Location – Hybrid Strength Training Gym (Old Road Skewen)
    2. Cost £2 a session
    3. Session times open to change but suggested 6.30 -7.30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. First session May 15th
    4. No formalized on-ramp needed
  1. Bridgend
    1. Location Crossfit 31, Unit 3 Block C, Main Avenue, Brackla Industrial Estate, CF312DB
    2. Cost £2.50 a session
    3. No formal on-ramp needed
    4. Training Monday and Friday  4.30pm - 5.30pm Friday from Monday 28th May
    5. During summer holidays they can run day classes at 9.00 AM