OSC Q&A review

A big thank you to Roger Blyth and Steve Tandy from the Ospreys Supporters Club for a very open and honest Q & A session last week. About 100 supporters came to the Liberty to ask their questions on what was a very enjoyable, informative evening.

Most of the questions were aimed at Roger who answered them very honestly and fully. Both men told it as it was, and were prepared to go into plenty of detail. None of the questions were vetted and anyone could put their hand up.

Questions covered Johnno, Holley/Humphreys, TV scheduling, negative media coverage, the Brewery Field, financing from the WRU, the Neath situation, player development, Ospreys’ style of play and more.

There are threads on the forum and on the OSC facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Ospreys-Supporters-Club giving more detail.

But to clarify one question categorically: the Ospreys will not be leaving the Liberty Stadium. We are five years into a 50 year lease and we are staying there. It’s up to us, the supporters, to create the atmosphere. If the Swans can do it, so can we!

The OSC will run more events next season. We will kick off with a session on the laws of the game in September and will provide details nearer the time. If you have any particular requests for events please contact us via email by clicking here