Ordnance Survey Puts Ospreylia On The Map

Neath-Port Talbot, Swansea and Bridgend have been officially recognised as a stand-alone region by Britain"€™s national mapping agency.

In a move that re-enforces the commonly held view that the Ospreys represent the only true region in Welsh rugby, Ordnance Survey (OS) have surveyed the area and recognised "€˜Ospreylia"€™ by creating a special edition map on the eve of the Ospreys biggest ever match, the historic npower renewables Challenge versus Australia.

The OS Ospreylia map covers the full geographical region represented by Gavin Henson and co, embracing the whole of Swansea, Neath-Port Talbot and Bridgend, as well as the southern tip of Powys. OS has measured that Ospreylia spreads for 37 miles from east-to-west and for 24miles from its northern most point to the coastline to the south, with a total boundary measuring 151 miles.

Ordnance Survey"€™s Scott Sinclair commented:

"€œAs an organisation, we are constantly updating our maps of Great Britain, making changes to the landscape on a daily basis. Over a period of time, our surveyors in Wales have become aware of a growing number of people referring to the region of Ospreylia and we felt that the team"€™s match against Australia would give us an ideal opportunity to reflect this.

"€œWe have made our investigations and with due consideration we felt that it was sporting to highlight the region of Ospreylia."€

The Ospreylia region is a hotbed of rugby and is home to a number of clubs, including Aberavon, Bridgend, Maesteg, Neath and Swansea, all of whom play a big part in the continued success of the Ospreys. Roger Blyth, Ospreys Managing Director commented:

"€œSince the inception of regional rugby everyone involved with the Ospreys has worked hard to establish ourselves as the one true region in Wales. Our supporters have fully embraced the concept to make us the best-supported region and we endeavour to lead the way on and off the field.

"€œIt seems particularly apt that on the eve of the biggest match in our short history, against the might of the touring Australians, we are receiving official recognition of Ospreylia as a region from the national mapping agency. Ordnance Survey are renowned worldwide as a leader in its field so for Ospreylia"€™s regional status to be confirmed by them is a significant boost for all of us and can only help to strengthen our position in Welsh rugby.

"€œWe have 20,000 supporters coming to watch us against Australia on November 1st at the venue that we are sure will be adopted as the capital of Ospreylia "€" The Liberty Stadium."€

Ospreys star Gavin Henson said that the confirmation of Ospreylia as a region is fantastic news:

"€œOutside of Wales, awareness of the Welsh regions isn"€™t as strong as we would like it to be. Plenty of rugby supporters across the border are aware of the Ospreys and of the players we have in their squad, but may not know where the side is based. Now that the region has been recognised in this way, it"€™s no longer a case of having to explain that we represent a number of clubs, all we have to do say that we come from Ospreylia."€