Npower Sponsorship Deal Will Power Up

npower renewables, primary sponsor of Welsh rugby giants the Ospreys, is back in the game for another season, extending and expanding its sponsorship of the Magners League winners and delivering a much-needed shot in the arm for grassroots clubs.

npower renewables, primary sponsor of Welsh rugby giants the Ospreys, is back in the game for another season, extending and expanding its sponsorship of the Magners"€™ league winners and delivering a much needed shot in the arm for grassroots clubs.

Through the sponsorship, npower renewables and the Ospreys will be providing greater and wider support to local clubs and their communities, such as the "€˜kits for clubs"€™ initiative, helping them invest in a broader range of initiatives and so open up new sporting opportunities to a wider audience.

Announcing the sponsorship today, Managing Director of npower renewables Kevin McCullough said: "€œOur business has over 100 years proud association with Wales through the delivery and operation of our renewable energy projects. Through our sponsorship of the Ospreys, one of the most community focused rugby clubs in the country, we are proud to be able to strengthen this association further.

"€œOur renewable energy projects make a significant contribution towards looking after the Welsh environment, generating long lasting, clean power with little carbon footprint. And through the sponsorship of Ospreys rugby we aim to continue our tradition of working closely with Welsh communities too. Rugby has traditionally been a lynchpin helping to unite and strengthen local communities. We hope that through our partnership with the Ospreys we can offer much needed support and encouragement to help grassroots clubs continue that tradition, forging stronger and more sustainable communities across Wales."€

Ospreys Managing Director Roger Blyth said: "€œIt gives us enormous pleasure to announce that this lucrative sponsorship agreement is to be extended into a third season. The Ospreys enjoy a very productive relationship with npower renewables that has benefited rugby at all levels across the region, from our first 15 to every school and club in Ospreylia.

"€œWe pride ourselves on the strength of our community work, and the support of npower renewables is key to our overall strategy of working for and with every club across the region, to create a stronger region. This outlook is no doubt key to npower renewables"€™ desire to continue this sponsorship, as they too pride themselves on their ongoing commitment to working with local communities.

"€œnpower renewables is an innovative company and one of the UK"€™s leading developers of green energy in the UK, just as the Ospreys lead the way in our own field. The mutual benefits of this relationship are clear to see and we are confident that it will continue to go from strength to strength throughout 2007/08 and beyond."€

npower renewables"€™ groundbreaking sponsorship of the Ospreys began in 2005 and was the largest in regional rugby, topping £300,000 over two years. Since then, the sponsorship has enabled scores of local schoolchildren to find out more about the club and renewable energy through its stadium tours. Hundreds of local young players have competed in the Junior Ospreys Cup, while even more have benefited from top flight training through the work of the Ospreys"€™ community rugby development officers and summer and Easter training camps.

The new sponsorship takes the initiatives even further. The community rugby development team has been expanded, taking training to more schools and clubs across the region. More training support and equipment will be provided for teachers to continue the top flight training throughout the season, while a women and girls development programme will also be enhanced to target the growing number of new players in this section of the game.

The "€˜kits for clubs"€™ initiative has proved particularly popular and is being expanded as a result of the renewed sponsorship. Many clubs are already eager to sign up to receive quality Kooga rugby kit at a discounted price. All the strips will feature the Ospreys and the npower renewables logos on the collar, helping to strengthen links within the region between the Ospreys, their primary sponsor and the region"€™s member clubs. This initiative is saving clubs across the community up to £400 per team strip, with an overall potential saving in excess of £100,000. In turn, this is freeing up much needed revenue that the clubs can reinvest where it is needed most.

Editors notes:

npower renewables is the longest serving renewable energy developer and operator in Wales, having generated clean, green energy through its schemes for over 100 years. The company has offices across Wales, at Baglan Energy Park, Dolgarrog and Llanidloes, from which our staff have helped develop and operate 7 onshore wind farms, 7 hydroelectric power schemes and the UK"€™s first major offshore wind farm North Hoyle. It also has a wide portfolio of renewable energy projects across England and Scotland.

The company developed and operates the UK"€™s first major offshore wind farm at North Hoyle, North Wales, which generates enough clean, green electricity to meet the needs of approximately 40,000 homes. This prevents the release of about 160,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) every year.

Construction of our second offshore wind farm has just begun at Rhyl Flats, just off the North Wales coast. Once operational, the wind farm will produce enough electricity to meet the average annual needs of around 61,000 homes, preventing the release of some 250,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Summary of Ospreys community development initiative is

  • Club Development "€" will enable long-term club development planning guidance, player recruitment and retention. Volunteer recruitment, training and retention. Regional Club Accreditation programme.
  • School Development "€" will establish playing opportunities for pupils, developing inter-school extra curricular playing opportunities. Development of after school clubs. INSET opportunities Teacher Education programme. Linked work with Dragon Sport and PESS Officers.
  • Coach Education and development "€" will provide a full coach education programme of courses from Tag Award up to and including Level 3. Establish a full and varied coaching association programme offering suitable CPD opportunities to coaches of all levels and ability. Create mentoring opportunities for club, school and District coaches.
  • Women And Girls Development Programme "€" will develop club and school initiatives that specifically target women and girls, and will help grow this section of the game.
  • Recruitment of Volunteers - will actively recruit "€˜volunteers"€™ as community rugby coaches, district rugby coaches and coach education tutors, referees and administrators to assist development staff to promote and grow the game.
  • District Representative Teams (U11 to U18) - will establish clear player development pathways for the better players in the region. Develop programmes of development that maximise the opportunities for players to grow inline with LTAD principles.
  • Social Inclusion, Citizenship, Health and Wellbeing - will work with local partners (Unitary Authorities, Police), to use rugby as a vehicle to promote social inclusion, positive social behaviour, healthy living and citizenship projects that take rugby to a wider audience.
  • Promotion of the Regional Concept - will promote the Ospreys as a responsible organisation, that values the community it represents and undertakes development initiatives that will contribute and enhance the rugby and social wellbeing of all those in the community.