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Free Children's Tickets for Connacht - Season Ticket Holders Now Included

Having considered observations from our valued season ticket holders, we are pleased to announce that the free ticket incentive for the Connacht match will now be extended to all season ticket holders. We trust it is understood that it was never our intention to prejudice against our loyal season ticket holders. There were logistical reasons for our initial decision (some of these you'll see outlined below), & our motive was purely to increase the level of attendance at this fixture. As I'm sure you would agree, the best atmosphere experienced at the Liberty Stadium has been when the crowds are in excess of 10,000 people.

There are, however, certain logistical issues that require the following to take place, should indeed you wish to take up this opportunity:

For all those seated in Category A seating, to qualify for additional free children's tickets, your seat will need to be transferred to either the Category B or Family area (as no concessions are permitted within the Category A seating area). Where it's not possible to accommodate additional tickets within your usual seating location, we will have to relocate both yourself and the additional free entry ticket holders to a new location within the ground. Should this happen, your existing season ticket card(s) will be retained by the ticket office, and you will be issued with new tickets. Your card will then need to be collected at a subsequent date from our ticket office.

Please note that we will not, of course, interfere with any other season ticket holders' seats in an effort to accommodate additional tickets.