New role for Hore following Ospreys business

Andrew Hore is to take up the newly created post of Chief Operations Officer at the Ospreys following a restructuring of business operations at the region.

The overhaul has taken place following a wide ranging review of the organisation, which has seen a number of changes made behind the scenes at the Liberty Stadium aimed at bringing the two arms of the business, rugby and commercial and finance, closer together.

In addition to the new post for Hore, Director of Coaching Scott Johnson and and Head Coach Sean Holley will both take on additional duties, while the restructuring has seen former Team Manager Dani Delamere taking up the role of Marketing and Events Manager, Accounts Assistant Stuart Atherton has stepped up to take the post of Finance Manager, while Yarnie Guthrie joins the Ospreys as Business Development Manager.

As COO, Hore will take overall day-to-day responsibility for operations at the Ospreys, reporting directly to Managing Directors Roger Blyth and Mike Cuddy. The new post will see him driving the vision and values at the region, and will be a wide-ranging role impacting on all areas of the business.

Hore initially joined the Ospreys as Elite Performance Director in February 2008 from the NZRFU, where he had been High Performance Manager. Since then he has radically overhauled the rugby set-up at the region, putting in place a number of systems and structures aimed at securing long-term sustainability for the Ospreys, with an emphasis on developing home grown talent on and off the field.

His new role will see him bringing the same forward thinking outlook to the wider business, where he will provide operational support while assisting in the development and implementation of the long-term strategic plan for the overall business, as well as helping to develop systems and structures to improve financial performance.

In addition to developing an ongoing rugby plan, he will now lead the teams responsible for marketing, sponsorship and merchandising, overseeing talent management and development in all areas of the business, while managing relationships with key stakeholders.

Managing Director, Mike Cuddy, commented:

We are delighted to be able to confirm this new role for Andrew. He has been with the Ospreys for three years and during that time has been able to put in place a substantial number of changes to the way that the rugby department operates behind the scenes, which are already having a huge impact on the organisation, and will continue to do so for a number of years.

He has overseen a complete overhaul of the structures and systems in place, helping us to get a long way along the road to long-term sustainable success. His work is already beginning to bear fruit both in the number of younger players coming through the ranks and in the older Ospreys players now involved within the coaching and management structures at different levels.

He is a forward thinker with a real ability to manage and implement structures and to push boundaries, who is one of rugbys most respected administrators. The skills that he brings to the Ospreys, combined with his tenacity and passion for the job in hand, mean that he has really helped to drive us forward, and we believe that these characteristics can be transferred into our business operations, where he can help to really grow the individuals concerned and ensure the Ospreys deliver a winning performance on and off the field.

Speaking about his appointment to the role of COO, Hore commented:

Its an exciting opportunity for me that I cant wait to get started at. When the board approached me with a view to taking on responsibility for day-to-day operations at the Ospreys, I certainly didnt need to think twice about it.

Theres still a lot of work to do on the rugby side, but it is pleasing to see how some of the development structures weve been able to implement are really beginning to have a positive effect, while the culture of the organisation continues to grow in the right direction.

What this new role offers me is a real opportunity to bring both sides of the business together to really drive the organisation forward. Overseeing both arms of the business will mean that there can be a clear strategy in place, encompassing all departments and personnel, that can help create a stronger Ospreys, allowing us to continue competing at the highest level of the game.

Joined up thinking will allow the Ospreys to truly live to the vision and values of the organisation, and if we can ensure we do this, then Ive no doubt that we can achieve our objectives of delivering long term, sustainable success.

Managing Director, Roger Blyth, added:

With the Ospreys growing as a business each year, we believe that it is important that both sides of the organisation, rugby, and commercial and finance, are working together towards the objective of sustainable, long term, success. With that in mind, we have undertaken a thorough review of every aspect of our business operations, as a result of which it was clear to us that we needed one person to drive all areas of the organisation, who could combine the knowledge and expertise of the rugby world, with a real understanding of strategic planning and the ability to develop individuals within the business.

As a Board, we have no doubt that Andrew Hore is the person to take that role and continue the excellent work he has already done, to help take the Ospreys onto the next level, on and off the field. He has thrived on the challenges faced so far with the region, and has helped create a structure within the rugby department that will stand the Ospreys in good stead for many years to come, with the development from within ethos seeing a host of people making their mark on and off the field.

Now, he will take that ethos into the new role, overseeing day-to-day operations throughout the business, and it is clear to see that his desire for the role and his appetite to do the right thing for the good of the business will see him continue to be a huge asset to the organisation.

The belief in development from within can be seen in the make-up of the new management team at our Liberty Stadium office, with Dani Delamere finally completing her long anticipated switch from Team Manager to Marketing and Events Manager, while Stuart Atherton, who has been with us since 2006, steps up to the post of Finance Manager following the departure earlier this year of long-serving General Manager Andy Piddington.

Meanwhile, we have introduced Yarnie Guthrie to the Ospreys as Business Development Manager. He is a sports marketing consultant with many years experience in Australia, New Zealand and Italy, and will be concentrating on business development and sponsorship opportunities both in the UK and overseas. These appointments mean that we now have a team in place that can really ensure that the Ospreys continue to lead the way in Welsh rugby.